Annual Deductible Insurance Term

It is the insurance amount a policy holder pays before ManipalCigna Health Insurance contributes any amount towards health related expenses.Members opt for such an option, if they wish to take care of expenses to some extent, before seeking protection from their insurer.This helps reduce the health insurance premium, since the policy holder is bearing some risk along with ManipalCigna Health Insurance. Example:Assume that Raj has opted for a Rs. 1 lakh annual deductible.Now imagine that this particular year Raj undergoes a cataract surgery which costs a total of Rs. 3 lakh. Raj would need to pay Rs. 1 lakh first, while his policy with ManipalCigna Health Insurance would pay for the balance Rs. 2 lakh. If Raj had not opted for an annual deductible, he would have not have incurred the Rs. 1 lakh expense. However, he’d have to bear a relatively higher annual insurance premium.