Glossary beginning with D


Date Of Service

It is the date in which the health care service was used.Example:Raj visited the hospital on June 1st for treatment. That therefore is the date of service.


See annual deductible

Denial Of Claim

It is when a request for covering medical expenditure incurred by a policy holder is denied. This would usually occur when the medical expenses are not within the coverage defined in the policy.


It is a person who the policy holder is responsible for. This could be typically be children or parents.


In simple terms, diagnostics are tests to check for a disease or condition. For example, taking blood pressure measurement is a diagnostic and so is a biopsy.


A condition where a person is unable to perform the usual life functions. For example, amputation due to an accident or paralysis.Several of ManipalCigna Health Insurance products provide coverage against disability.Example:Raj fell off his roof when fixing the satellite and injured his knee. He requires multiple surgeries to fix his knee and is on a loss of pay because of this. ManipalCigna Health Insurance will provide partial wage replacement because Raj is unable to work.


It is when a policy holder is removed from the purview of the insurance coverage. This would typically happen on missing out on making the annual premium payment.

Domiciliary Hospitalization

It is home based treatment done for a disease, illness or injury. It could because of lack of accommodation at the hospital or because the patient’s condition doesn’t permit them to get admitted in the hospital.