Glossary beginning with E


Effective Date

It is the date when the purchased policy comes into force after end of accumulation period.

Eligibility Criteria

A set of specific rules and regulations that must be met in order to qualify for an insurance policy enrollment.

Emergency Cover

It is a health care coverage for cases of emergency illnesses or injuries.

Employee Contribution

Applies when an individual is availing a health insurance benefit provided by the employer. Employee contribution, as the name suggests is the employee’s contribution towards the health insurance expense. The balance is referred to as the employer’s contribution. Also see, employer contribution.


The act of enrolling for a health insurance policy.

Enrollment Period

Same as the period for which the insurance coverage is available. This is typically one year. ManipalCigna Health Insurance offers the option of enrolling for two years at one go with the advantage of availing attractive discounts.

Essential Health Benefits

It is a package of services that are mandatory to be covered in insurance policies for the benefit of your health.Some examples are:Ambulatory care, doctor and specialist visits; emergency services; hospitalization; wellness services, chronic disease management; prescription drugs; etc.


It is an insurance provision that lists diseases not included in the policy. For example, diseases such as AIDS might not be covered and therefore are part of the exclusions. Similarly, pre-existing diseases might also be part of the exclusion for a period of time, depending on the insurance policy.

Exclusion Period

It is a defined timeframe during which the insurance provision is not extended for a certain disease(s). An example is maternity benefit which might be in the exclusion period for several months after the purchase of the policy.

Extended Coverage

It is an additional feature that can be added to an existing insurance plan for any losses or damage, not covered in the current policy, that the policy holder may have to pay for.