Glossary beginning with R



Insurance for the insurers. Insurance companies reduce risk by purchasing insurance policies from other insurers.


Cancellation of the policy because of false data or fraud.

Reduced Maternity Waiting Period

It is an additional benefit on top of health insurance plans provided by ManipalCigna Health Insurance. As the name suggests, the benefit allows for a reduced waiting time before maternity related claims can be made. Without this, the policy holder might wait up to 48 months before he or she can use the policy for a maternity related claim.

Reduced Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period

This is an add-on benefit related to pre-existing diseases affecting the policy holder. Typically, those with pre-existing diseases cannot claim if affected by these diseases for several months after enrolling into the insurance plan. However, the ‘reduced pre-existing diseases waiting period’ add-on allows the policy holder to claim expenses faster.


It is when you are sent by your doctor to a health care specialist for further assessment for a specific medical condition. For example, your regular physician might refer you to an orthopedic specialist for further examination.

Reimbursement Claim

It is when a policy holder has paid for hospital and medical expenses and makes a request to ManipalCigna Health Insurance to give back money for the amount spent regarding health care. Documents, bills and the ManipalCigna Health Insurance claim forms need to be submitted to ManipalCigna Health Insurance in order to get reimbursed.

Relationship Manager

A manager who is responsible for relations between policy holder and ManipalCigna Health Insurance. ManipalCigna Health Insurance appoints relationship managers who can help the policy holder navigate through the entire claim process or provide answers to general queries.


Refers to a policy holder’s act of re-enrolling in a policy to use the same coverage again. This can be done only before the end of the current active insurance policy. Typically, renewal happens each year.


Offers options to help you customize an insurance coverage as per your needs. Typical riders include hospitalization cash, maternity benefits, and critical illness care amongst others.


Measure of the likelihood that a claim would be made and an estimate of such a claim.