Glossary beginning with S


Second Opinion

The policy holder consults with another healthcare professional to validate the first diagnosis or ‘opinion’.This is typically used to re-confirm that a correct diagnosis has been made.

Secondary Care

Services provided by a health care provider or specialist through a referral from another doctor (the one you went to originally).

Service Area

They are the areas where ManipalCigna Health Insurance is licensed to sell their policies and services.

Short-Term Disability

When a person suffers a temporary loss of income due to an injury or illness which puts them out of work.The time period may range from 9 to 52 weeks, post which claims can be categorized for long term disability.

Specialty Drug

They are special and usually expensive drugs that are used to treat rare and complex conditions.


It is a policy where a predetermined amount has to be paid (generally by those who are self-insured) to prevent the risk of bankrupting a company due to multiple claims.
Typically applies in the case of huge epidemic spread where multiple claims might be made at the same time, leaving the insurance provider in the danger of bankruptcy. Also applies in the case of employee insurance programs to address the risk of multiple claims from the insured employees at the same time.


It is a limitation in an insurance policy on the coverage amount in case a specific type of loss occurs.


A Government benefit to assist people in paying for health insurance by reducing charges.

Sum Insured

It is the maximium amount (depending on the insurance policy) that ManipalCigna Health Insurance will pay for a claim.