Life’s tough, but you’re tougher!


Stress is an unavoidable and everyday part of life, but can have a dramatic effect on your health and how you feel. Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations. The BuildResilience programme helps you to learn strategies that help you manage stress and take control.


Why work to build your resilience?

Most of us tend to ignore stress or don’t give it its due importance. However, over time, stress can increase the risk of complex health issues and conditions such as: heart diseases, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer's disease, ageing and sometimes even cause premature death.


We are here to help

BuildResilience is a six-step personalised programme by ManipalCigna Health Insurance that helps you focus on the sources of stress in your life, BuildResilience and take control. The programme focuses on changing behaviour to better handle stress rather than on situations that cause stress. The BuildResilience programme aims to help you increase resilience towards work and personal pressures and equip you with the right tools to fight the effects of stress in your life.


Program Objectives

Objectives of BuildResilience programme include helping recognise causes and effects of stress, building resilience to effectively deal with stressful situations and managing time more effectively. Furthermore it strives to help you stay motivated in your pursuit to beat stress and focus on the more important aspects of life.


What’s in store with BuildResilience?
BuildResilience is a comprehensive intervention to help you handle stressful situations. The programme includes the following features:


  • 6 weekly steps and easy to read chapters
  • A rich article library on health and well-being
  • Interactive tools: diary and online trackers
  • Weekly behaviour change exercises, challenges, polls and quizzes
  • Weekly email reminders related to stress management
  • Printable PDFs for each step to read and complete on the go


  • STEP 1
    How you typically react to stress?
  • STEP 2
    What you can and can't control In your life
  • STEP 3
    Setting and sticking to your goals
  • STEP 4
    Thinking positively
  • STEP 5
    Communicating under pressure
  • STEP 6
    Managing time under pressure

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