’Butt out' tobacco addiction and save your life!


Giving up smoking is tough. Yet over half of people (66%) who completed this programme said they were tobacco free. Which means that a lot more people who finished the programme succeeded in quitting smoking, than people who didn’t quit. At least merits a try? Read on!


Quit Today is a six-step personalised online tobacco cessation programme that supports you through the difficult process of giving up tobacco. This programme can empower you to stub out your last cigarette and never look back.


Features and tools:

  • A helping hand: the information is written in a supportive and motivating coaching style that can guide you through the process of giving up
  • A sound knowledge base to help you understand the issues which motivate you to quit tobacco
  • Tailored advice that provides you with information that suits your needs
  • Cost savings calculator to help you measure the financial benefits of quitting tobacco
  • Exercises, polls, trackers, quizzes and a trigger plan to build self-awareness and your confidence to quit
  • Easy-to-read steps and a suite of downloadable information and tools


    Tobacco uses remains the single leading, preventable cause of premature illness and death
    The many damaging effects of long-term smoking including causing conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, impotence and infertility.
    Immediately, after quitting you'll look and smell better, and have more money in your pocket. While research shows that quitting tobacco can reverse the effects of long-term smoking. Within one year of quitting smoking, a person halves some of the risks associated with being a smoker. Look to join Quit Today programme to become healthier and live longer.

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