Impact of Age on Metabolism

Worried about getting older? Well, you are not alone. Most people round the world fear ageing; a natural response to the transience of life. Ageing does not only connote greying hair or visible wrinkles. It implies to the change in each cellular process of the human body and its resultant impact on bodily organs. One of the most significant changes that sets in with age is the decreased rate of metabolism. Lowering Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) causes various fluctuations at all levels of the human system. 
Here is a complete guide to understand the impact of age on metabolic activities of the body and the resultant effects on the health of an individual. 

The process of ageing and its impact on metabolism

Starting from the age of 40, an average individual loses 10% of the muscle tissue every 10 years. Gradually, this loss in muscle mass is compensated by body fat. Since muscle tissue demands higher amount of calorie than fat, this alteration in body composition has a negative impact on the metabolic rate of an individual. Lowering physical activity and decline in the amount of calories required for involuntary functions bring down the metabolic rate. 

Is weight-gain a normal symptom of ageing?

It is quite common to hear people complain about increase in weight despite having continued their usual diet over the years. Weight gain occurs in ageing individuals due to lowering metabolic rate. For instance, a man weighing 70 kilos and consuming 1500 calories every day at the age of 30 tends to put on weight if he continues consuming the same amount of calories at 50 years of age. 

Can exercise help metabolism?

Apart from age, there are several factors like gender, genetics and body size that can determine the BMR of an individual. However, regular exercising can boost the metabolic rate of an individual. Ageing adults who indulge in regular physical activity can add enough muscle mass, thus making up for the dip in metabolism. 
The process of ageing cannot be brought to a standstill. However, health experts, health insurance advisors and dieticians across the country strongly believe that with the recommended level of calorie consumption and regular physical activity, the rate of metabolism can be brought under control even with escalating age.

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