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One of our key goals at ManipalCigna Health Insurance is to identify and hire outstanding individuals to be a part of our health insurance family. At ManipalCigna Health Insurance you are not simply creating another earning opportunity; but you are getting a chance for you to grow, develop and be a part of a fast growing and respected company. So, if you’re ambitious, want to make a difference and have the right kind of attitude, come join our ManipalCigna Health Insurance family. We will give you all the support, knowledge and resources that will help you to succeed and grow with us in your career. We hope you’ll take up the challenge!


Why join us?

With ManipalCigna Health Insurance, you get to be a part of a customer experience like no other. Play a key role in promoting Health and Wellness in the society and really make a difference in people’s lives. Every day Cigna helps 1, 00, 000 customers with various services and transactions around the globe. You can help Cigna do this too and take advantage of a great career and earning possibilities through our remarkable quality products and services.

Over the last 5 years Health Insurance has grown at 32% which outstrips growth in most of the other segments. What’s even better is that the health insurance industry is predicted to grow more than 25% till 2020. Given the rise in incidence rate of diseases, the rising cost of healthcare and it’s growth, will only accelerate the groth of the insurance industry further. Insurance is increasingly being seen as a necessity now and more and more people are signing on everyday which is fuelling its growth. Come be a part of this growing industry today!

Become a ManipalCigna Health Insurance Agent to:

  • Represent a top notch brand
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Enjoy significantly higher earnings than other products
  • Deliver high quality products and services


What is in it for you?

Our Insurance agents come from diverse backgrounds with different kinds of life experiences. And we believe being different, is good. All these different experiences may have influenced your reason to join our ManipalCigna Health Insurance family. Whether you joined to help people, or like the challenge of being your own boss; we support your decisions and welcome you to ManipalCigna Health Insurance!

  • Extensive and knowledgeable training programs to help you master your role with constant assistance and support for queries , product and claims related procedures. To emerge as a superior health insurance professional
  • Proper career path and options to help you understand where you stand and how to get progress towards your goals
  • Rewards and recognition to appreciate all of your hard work and to help you groom yourself for the next level in your career
  • Benefits for you and your family because your health and happiness is our concern

As the face of ManipalCigna Health Insurance, you as Agents are our connection to our customers; hence we’re committed to helping you succeed. We offer continuous training to help you improve your sales skills and product knowledge.



We know how challenging selling insurance can be without the proper knowledge. Hence, even before opening the doors to exit and venture outside, you'll receive industry-leading training from our Training Department. The training program is aimed at giving a practical and performance-based platform of learning. After training, you’ll continue to find support and help through our special Agent helpline (for sales support) and smart apps. All of these will enhance your skills and help you to eventually help others.

We’ll work with you to make challenges easier by supporting and helping you in effective lead generation through various marketing activities.

We believe in giving the best to our employees. And to be the best, we will support you in every way we can. Here’s how:

  • Training programs on Health and Wellness
  • Advanced programs and certifications on managing health and disease-care
  • Health and Wellness helpline – Doctor-on-call
  • Information on health & wellness to you and your customers
  • Value added benefits like offers on gyms, preventive healthcare, health check-ups and more
  • Special camps and sessions for select customers
  • Dedicated Agent helpline for sales support/doubts
  • Apps to help you on the go
  • Audio Visual Training aids to help understand products for your own pace


Career Path

Become a Senior Agent – Learn to become a manager. Recruit and manage your own team of agents and earn management fee.

Get certified to train other agents – Conduct and deliver trainings to other fellow agents and earn an additional income while you do it.

Be a part of various clubs and earn attractive rewards. Grow as an individual performer and enjoy your work through various clubs and perks.



At ManipalCigna Health Insurance your hard work will never go unrecognized. We will provide you with attractive rewards and recognition for all your efforts and dedication towards making our business successful together. Grow in your career and in the workplace through exposure from different contests and conventions, recognition from the management to groom as well as up skill yourself to the next level and most importantly, an agent advisory council to help you meet the industry and sector experts and soak up the knowledge to help prepare you to grow in your career.

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