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Feb 03 2020


Late nights at work and weekends of social commitments has become a way of life. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, people go out of their way to...

Feb 03 2020


Imagine that it is a sunny Sunday morning and you plan to make a lip-smacking brunch. You open your spice cabinet and then wonder, what flavour...

Feb 03 2020

Exercising as a New Mom

You should slowly and steadily come back to your exercise regimen even after becoming a new mother. Tap into your inner fitness enthusiast and give...

Feb 03 2020

Benefits of Yoga for Children Explained

In today’s fast-paced world, children are exposed to a host of distractions and temptations. Children face constant over stimulation. In such a...

Feb 03 2020

Swimming: A Full Body Exercise with Incredible Health Benefits

Full body exercise Working out doesn’t mean that you have to compulsorily sweat out at gym. Swimming is a wonderful alternative to get fitter,...

Feb 03 2020

Here is How Walking can Help you Lose Weight

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Walking is the best possible exercise.” Is this true? Can walking help us lose weight? If yes, how to lose weight with...

Feb 03 2020

How To Quickly Cut Down Belly Fat

One area in our body that stubbornly clings to fat is our belly. No matter what you do, the fat mostly stays adamant and refuses to melt from the...

Feb 03 2020

Achieving the right level of healthcare with advancing age

Healthcare needs are required to be met with advancing age. Again, they keep changing with age. Everyone tends to require healthcare services and...

Feb 03 2020

Running at any age is good for your health in the long run

Exercising is the need of the day. Most of us have become sluggish due to our comfortable lifestyle. Because of less or no physical movement, our...

Feb 03 2020


The way you begin your day sets the tone for the whole day. Below mentioned small healthy habits will transform your morning routine into a healthy...

Feb 03 2020

What are the benefits of green tea

Let me counter argue here. What isn't good about green tea? It is fast becoming one of the most popular hot beverages in the world, next only to...

Feb 03 2020

Music Therapy – Here is How it Helps

When a hobby can serve as therapy, what more can you ask for in life? If you love listening to music, continue reading this article to know as to...

Feb 18 2020

Don’t buy health insurance blindfolded

With the healthcare expenses sky-rocketing, it goes without saying that health insurance is the need of the hour.  The medical inflation rate...

Feb 19 2020

What is Deductible in Health Insurance? How does it Work?

The next generation is well aware of the advantages of buying health insurance policies along with their regular life cover. Life insurance helps...

Feb 19 2020

Skim Through the Pros and Cons of Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

Life is getting more and more sedentary, reflected clearly from the figures that show a continuous rise in the number of critical illnesses...

Feb 19 2020

Planning to buy Health insurance for parents? Here's what you must keep in mind

Our parents have raised us with the utmost love and affection. Remember those childhood days when you used to ask for a toy and your dad had bought...

Feb 19 2020

Health Insurance Vs. Mediclaim Policy:The Difference

Today’s ever-expanding market spoils us for choice. The situation in the health insurance vertical is no different than the rest of the market....

Feb 19 2020

5 Features Every Health Insurance Plan Must Have

Urban lifestyle and the stress springing from it have made us all a bit too lethargic. Today, we are prone to illnesses more than ever. Again, the...

Feb 19 2020

Health Insurance Policies in India that Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

The fast-paced lifestyle has led us to face several health-related issues. The habits of eating junk food and lack of hygiene results in welcoming...

Feb 19 2020

The info you Need on Family Mediclaim Policy

Choosing between an individual health insurance policy and a family floater plan can be onerous. Especially, first-time health insurance buyers can...

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