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Feb 03 2020

Running at any age is good for your health in the long run

Exercising is the need of the day. Most of us have become sluggish due to our comfortable lifestyle. Because of less or no physical movement, our...

Feb 03 2020

Achieving the right level of healthcare with advancing age

Healthcare needs are required to be met with advancing age. Again, they keep changing with age. Everyone tends to require healthcare services and...

Feb 03 2020

How To Quickly Cut Down Belly Fat

One area in our body that stubbornly clings to fat is our belly. No matter what you do, the fat mostly stays adamant and refuses to melt from the...

Feb 03 2020

Here is How Walking can Help you Lose Weight

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Walking is the best possible exercise.” Is this true? Can walking help us lose weight? If yes, how to lose weight with...

Feb 03 2020

Swimming: A Full Body Exercise with Incredible Health Benefits

Full body exercise Working out doesn’t mean that you have to compulsorily sweat out at gym. Swimming is a wonderful alternative to get fitter,...

Feb 03 2020

Benefits of Yoga for Children Explained

In today’s fast-paced world, children are exposed to a host of distractions and temptations. Children face constant over stimulation. In such a...

Feb 03 2020

Exercising as a New Mom

You should slowly and steadily come back to your exercise regimen even after becoming a new mother. Tap into your inner fitness enthusiast and give...

Feb 03 2020


Imagine that it is a sunny Sunday morning and you plan to make a lip-smacking brunch. You open your spice cabinet and then wonder, what flavour...

Feb 03 2020


Late nights at work and weekends of social commitments has become a way of life. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, people go out of their way to...

Feb 03 2020

10 Superfoods For a Healthy Heart

What are the foods that are best for a healthy heart? Want to know? Read on to find out more about the latest trend in healthy...

Feb 03 2020

Golden Milk—Here is All You Need to Know About It

Have you ever heard of golden milk? Is it some new discovery in the food world or another name for mango lassi? Well, it's neither. You'll be...

Jan 30 2020

IVRS, website & app help ManipalCigna customers

Insurer launches videos inspired by real life customer stories to encourage people to gain a greater sense of control over their physical and...

Jan 16 2020

All You Need to Know About Cashless Mediclaim Policy

Medical costs are on a continuous rise where medical emergencies can present financial difficulty to many of us. Getting the desired treatment at...

Jan 07 2020

Essentials of Cashless Health Insurance

A medical emergency is one that happens without warning, and you can’t put off. This means that you don’t have the luxury of time to sit and plan...

Jan 02 2020

Connection, communication and care is our Company’s policy: Sapna Desai, Head – Marketing and Communication, ManipalCigna Health Insurance

Sapna Desai is Head- Marketing and Communication at ManipalCigna Health Insurance. At ManipalCigna, she is responsible for developing and...

Dec 06 2019

ManipalCigna’s flagship ‘ProHealth Insurance Plan’ awarded Product of the Year

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company (formerly known as CignaTTK Health Insurance Company) has been awarded the most acclaimed title ‘Product of...

Dec 05 2019

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Launches Value-ForMoney ‘Super Top Up’ Plan

It is a value for money plan that offers a wide range of Sum Insured ranging between Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 30 lacs at an affordable premium amount ...

Dec 02 2019

Enhanced version of CignaTTK ProHealth Insurance launched

Cigna TTK Health Insurance, a joint venture between US based global health service leader, Cigna Corporation and Indian conglomerate TTK Group and...

Nov 25 2019

Twin props for ManipalCigna

ManipalCigna Health Insurance expects a 40 per cent growth in premium, backed by rising medical expenses and a growing distribution network. As on...

Nov 02 2019

How millennials are redefining health coverage benefits at workplace

Many millennials rate having health insurance as "imperative" and something that they need and that it is worth the money for leading a stress-free...

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