5 Tips You Can Follow to Stay Motivated for Exercise read

Dec 23 2020


It is high probability that at some point in your life you made some kind of New Year Resolution revolving around health and fitness, only to break it later. You sure must be having your valid share of reasons—tough work week, a break in momentum, a 10-day vacation, or something else.

While gym memberships continue to see sudden upsurges in January, it is important to understand that you can achieve the satisfaction and benefits of regular exercise. With certain simple techniques and a dedicated mindset, you can attain the required momentum. If you can work out for two weeks consistently, you may have set up for yourself a routine there.

Mentioned below are 5 basic tips that will help you stay motivated to continue with your fitness plan.

Keep your gym near, and your gym clothes nearer

When it comes to following your exercise routine, the lesser is the distance to your gymnasium, the better. Join a fitness center that is not too far away from your home or work area. Make it a ritual to visit the fitness center every day. On the days you don’t feel like straining yourself, involve yourself in light exercises to keep your body busy. Fit your exercise hour into your routine. Making exercise a part of your daily routine is the difficult part. Once you’re past that, it gets way easier.

Set realistic monthly goals for your body

Set weekly goals to begin with like improving stamina, increasing the number of minutes in doing a particular exercise and so on. Then you can go plotting monthly goals like achieving particular kgs of weight loss or muscle weight gain, etc. Make your goals quantifiable and check progress at the end of each month. After every month, look at reasons for overachieving or underachieving and make changes to your gym plan accordingly. Once you are in the groove, set larger duration goals.

Mix and match different types of exercises

You have cardio exercises, yoga for weight loss, functional training, etc. at your helm. Go on and mix and match your exercises. You have complete freedom to do that. Just do it under the guidance of a trainer. Mix it up with 15-20 minutes of strength training in the middle of the week to keep yourself engaged. This way, you will have something new to do every week. The change will spice up your mundane workout schedule.


Maintain a log of exercises from the beginning

Data is so important everywhere. According to a research, maintaining a log of your exercises plays out to be the most important factor in weight loss. A daily entry in an app, or a simple note of your daily calorie intake and workout schedule will go a long way. It will help you stay on the top of your fitness game.

Pay close attention to what you eat

Eating healthy is more than half the battle won in health and fitness. Know what you are eating. Eating anything in moderation is fine. However, it’s important to note that a 45-minute workout session accounts for nothing if you substitute it with a 1000 Kcal dinner.

Even if you have health insurance to bank on, nothing can really help you regain your original good health. So, go ahead and work your way out to a better health.