Feb 03 2020


Late nights at work and weekends of social commitments has become a way of life. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, people go out of their way to assert a balanced diet and a discerning lifestyle, particularly in their late 20s. Extreme health conditions compel people to opt for expensive treatment. This explains the increasing dependency on health insurance plans. However, what many do not realise is that unpredictable health conditions arise from a blatant disregard for their bodies, and if I may stretch it a bit, their own lives.
Everyone knows that after a long heavy day at work, it is very easy to pick up your phone and open a food delivery application and order some comfort food while binge watching something. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the permanent damage we may be doing to our bodies. Afterall, the saying our bodies are a temple has lost significance given the new sedentary lifestyle most of us lead.
Running through a cheesy pizza is one of the many sinful pleasures that most are guilty of. However, devouring of such junk food deprives the body of essential nutrients. This, in turn, gives rise to various ailments. It could lead to weight gain, which could be the start of multiple diseases. Getting a health insurance plan does not save you from the situation at all but is something you should consider. Specially if you like to eat a pizza or a burger or such junk food regularly. Even we honestly hope that in spite of having an insurance cover, you may never have to use it for these reasons. 
Trying to get rid of the habit of eating junk is more in in the mind than anything else. We do agree that it is harder said than done. But you must build your willpower and talk to yourself saying, ‘NO JUNK FOOD!’ You can curb unnatural cravings for unhealthy foods in the following ways:

  • Increase consumption of fluids: Water, this is the secret ingredient that can change your life. You can trick your body into controlling untimely cravings by drinking lots of water. Gulp down a glass of water instead of munching on chips. The thing is, the brain is sometimes unable to distinguish between thirst and hunger. In that situation, we tend to lean towards something unhealthy rather than something healthy. Drink a glass or two of water and you will see the pseudo-hunger vanish. Fighting the urge to binge on calorie-rich foods is the first step of this process.
  • Opt for protein rich food: Come up with a diet chart that takes care of your hunger pangs. Usually we can notice a pattern when it comes to unhealthy binge eating. A protein-rich diet that consists of eggs, seafood, sprouts, cheese etc. can satiate your desire for junk foods. If you have a diet rich in proteins, they provide the body with essential nutrients which anyway reduce craving. 
  • Healthy foot is tasty too: Healthy food can be very tasty too! We are not joking; it is a myth that healthy food can’t be flavoursome. Spend some time and browse the internet for healthy recipes where you can prepare your own salad as per the tastes you desire. It might seem tedious in the beginning, but it will be rewarding in the long run. 
  • Tackle stress differently: Many people resort to relentless eating or indulge in a sugar rush when they are in loads of stress. This stress may be financial, work related or every caused due to toxic relationships. Here too, a pattern can be found which you will have to consciously distance yourself from. When dealing with stress, find other alternatives to calm yourself down like music or a walk. Do not settle to order comfort food. Because let us face it, when you are stressed a leafy salad is not going to help, so do not settle for junk food.
  • Inculcate a sensible diet plan: Watch what you eat and measure your calorie intake. Use food and health applications out there to keep a check. Maintaining a food diary is a good way to ensure that you do not overeat or eat unhealthy food regularly. A sensible diet plan can go a long way in ascertaining your well-being.

As an individual, it is your responsibility to take healthy steps towards a better life. This way you can safeguard your family as well from avoidable ailments. A health insurance plan is only a safety net when it comes to your finances, but your health is in your hands. We do understand that totally eradicating junk food from your diet is close to impossible, so we are not asking you to do that. All we are saying is eat healthy when you can and watch what you eat.
So, we urge you to take a step in the right direction and work towards ensuring that you help yourself. We will always be here to help you, but as the saying goes, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ Get cracking on a healthier tomorrow, today.
Also, thank us later!