Importance of Hand Hygiene to Keep the Future Generation Healthy read

Oct 15 2020


Prevention is better than cure – we’ve heard this proverb time and again. This holds true when it comes to maintaining hygiene and health. Handwashing has been proven as a highly effective way to ward off germs and protect oneself from illnesses.


Today, we live in a health and hygiene-conscious age focusing on hand hygiene and wearing masks brought upon by COVID-19. So, as the Coronavirus continues to spread and flu season reaches its peak, washing hands is one of the best ways to ensure our safety. Let us all be aware of this fundamental cleanliness regimen.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

The pandemic has reminded us of how valuable hygiene is. It has reiterated the fact that regularly cleaning our body can prevent us from not being a victim to such diseases. Regularly washing hands helps train our mind to follow the hygiene protocol. Everyone needs to be healthy and have good immunity.

The doctor advises to eat healthily and clean oneself regularly to stay protected from the virus. If a maximum number of people maintain adequate hygiene, it will reduce the spread of disease, which will help protect everyone.

How Washing Hands Help in Arresting COVID-19 Pandemic

During pandemics or periods of widespread diseases, handwashing is a simple and effective way to help prevent the spread. Even when vaccines for COVID-19 have been invented, it will take time to vaccinate the whole world populace or even the requisite 60-70% of the world populace for COVID-19 herd immunity.

While COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives, everybody – adults and children alike – must frequently wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before drying them thoroughly to remove dirt, germs, viruses, and bacteria that might spread and cause the illness.

WHO Recommendations for Hand Hygiene:

Below are the eight steps to wash hands properly as per WHO recommendations:

  1. Apply a palmful of hand wash in your cupped hand, covering all surfaces
  2. Rub your hands with each other palm to palm
  3. Place and rub palm over dorsum with interlaced fingers
  4. Rub palm to palm with fingers interlaced
  5. Rub backs of fingers to opposing palms with interlocked fingers
  6. Do rotational rubbing of thumb clasped in palm
  7. Do rotational rubbing, backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of the hand in palm
  8. Once dried, your hands are safe

Remember, clean hands are safe hands.

The Role Health Insurance is Playing During COVID-19

While COVID-19 has shown us many things like basic hygiene factors or social distancing, the one very important thing the disease has taught us is that we should not overlook health insurance benefits any further.

Coronavirus disease reinforced the fact that every family needs health insurance. Unexpected incidents in life can come at any stage in life regardless of health conditions, income level, or age and can affect a person’s life. So, it is wise to take precautionary measures before any health ambiguity occurs. Here, health insurance plays a significant role.

Health insurance paves the path for better healthcare facilities while comprehensive healthcare policies make quality treatment possible for all. They create a safety cushion around one’s savings and family members to get the most acceptable treatment in the best hospitals in India.

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In line with our commitment to partner in illness and wellness, we at ManipalCigna have designed a new holistic infectious disease management program, ‘WeCare’, exclusively for our customers to protect their health and well-being during these trying times.

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The sum and substance is that little hygiene habits like hand washing will protect us and our future generations. They reduce and, in some instances, eliminate the diseases that cause mortality.

Add to hand hygiene comprehensive health insurance that covers all the complications arising out of the virus for complete protection. We are all living in uncharted territory right now. So, this Global Handwashing Day, let us bear in mind  #HandWashingZarooriHai and #MaskZarooriHai in public places to keep COVID-19 at bay.

And lastly, we need to commit to gain a greater sense of control over our and our family’s physical and financial health! After all, Health Hai Toh Life Hai.