Running at any age is good for your health in the long run read

Feb 03 2020


Exercising is the need of the day. Most of us have become sluggish due to our comfortable lifestyle. Because of less or no physical movement, our body becomes too much relaxed. Because of all too sedentary lives, our stamina reduces and at times we are unable to perform even basic physical tasks. That is the reason why body movement is so necessary to achieve and maintain minimum physical fitness levels. Walking, jogging, and running are the easiest forms of physical activity to get yourself moving towards a better health.

Older adult individuals should consider integrating running into their daily exercise regimen. Running works best for them. Again, it is never too late when it comes to running, and as a senior adult, you must be precautionary about health related things for a nice journey ahead.

Age is not an excuse for not running- Often times people take aging as an excuse for not leading an active life. The reality is that as long as your medical practitioner approves of your running, you must run. After getting the requisite clearances for running, you should prepare yourself and start leading a more active life by starting to run.

A greater focus on physical, cognitive, and social function can prevent many issues typically seen in the population over the age of 60.

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The very first step in the process- Once you have the green signal from your physician, you may think it tough to commence running. Whatever the physical activity you want to get into, you must always start slowly and build up your stamina and strength with time. You should try walking first and then start light jogging. After that, once your joints and muscles are accustomed to daily physical exercise, you can start running. A slow and steady approach will help you combat injuries. Remember to always warm up before running and cool down after running.

Getting into the core aspect- You may want to speed up the process and start running from walking within a few days’ time. Know that for doing that, your body would be required to catch up accordingly. So, know your body and develop the core before speeding up the process.

With a gradual increase in the distance covered you must start with walking. Later start jogging, and then as you start running on a daily basis, the capacity of your lung and heart improves considerably. This makes it more convenient for you to run in the future for longer durations like a marathon!

Mental and physical engagement- It is good to chalk out a blueprint to staying active physically and mentally. Identify objectives which are more realistic and which will keep you amply motivated. Work out the time in hand for dedicating to staying active and the best time for daily training. Have practical goals which meet your expectations.

Involve your family in daily activities- Getting proper support and assistance from your family members is very helpful at any stage/age of your fitness routine. So, getting them involved can work wonders for you. You can even include your grandchildren. Always make it a point to sync schedules between your family members and share music or other fun activities in the plan like yoga, cross-training, karate, or even dancing to keep all the members motivated. Running with family will even help your family bond.

Physical activity like running is a lifestyle choice that you need to make. If you have practical ambitions and expectations from life, you can always accomplish whatever you wish to achieve. Getting medical clearance from your doctor is necessary before you start your daily running regime and make your blueprint for staying fit and active for the life to come.