Every Detail Matters To Your Health

Sum Insured : Up To ₹ 1 Crore

Every Detail Matters To Your Health

Best suited for

Employer-Employee Group

Non Employer-Employee Groups/
Association/ Institution/Society

Key Benefits

Flexible, comprehensive and easy healthcare for illness, injury

Choice of Base and Optional covers

Hospital, home care to OPD expenses cover under one plan

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UIN: MCIHLGP21172V032021
Launch Date: 11-09-2020


Every member of a group is unique and so is their health. Accordingly Group Healthcare should be comprehensive yet flexible enough to suit business needs and the requirement of the group members.  With that idea ManipalCigna ProHealth Group Insurance Policy has been designed to provide bigger and better insurance solution to Employer-Employee and Non Employer-Employee groups. It offers Flexible, Comprehensive, Easy and yet Affordable healthcare that can be tailored to meet unique needs of all. The policy provides a full circle of healthcare including Base covers for essential benefits and a range of Optional Covers.


We offer excellent healthcare solutions with base hospitalization cover along with optional need-based covers. There are multiple cost sharing options at corporate and individual levels with flexibility in terms of a fixed or indemnity payouts. With ManipalCigna ProHealth Group Insurance Policy you can be in control by protecting and making medical treatment expenses more manageable, thus ensuring quality health care for all group members.

7 in-built benefits with Base Cover

Total package of 42 need based Optional Covers

First time Accumulate benefit for Group plan to take care of Co-pay, Deductible, OPD expenses and more

Choice of Maternity, Dental, Vision, OPD and more

AYUSH Treatment coverage

Choice of Critical Illness, Personal Accident

Choice of Daily Cash benefits (Inpatient, ICU, Accidental, Worldwide Emergency, Convalescence, Companion and Chemo & Radiotherapy)

Multiple Cost Sharing options at Corporate and Individual level

Family related benefits

Policy Term > 1 year maximum up to 5 years (in case of Credit Linked Policy)

Be-spoke Wellness Services, Healthy Living, Condition Management with reward function and more

Easy Plan Management

Fixed or Indemnity payout as applicable

Dedicated Claims and Customer Support Management

What’s covered

  • The policy provides a full circle of healthcare including Base covers for essential benefits and a range of Optional Covers.

    Base Cover includes:
  • Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Day Care
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization
  • Domiciliary Treatment
  • Road Ambulance
  • Donor Expenses
  • Choice of multiple need based Optional Covers

What’s not covered

  • Ailment requiring Treatment due to use, abuse of drug, intoxicating substance
  • Any Illness or Hospitalisation arising or resulting from any breach of law
  • Any stay in Hospital without undertaking any treatment
  • All Illness/expenses caused by ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel

    Above List is only indicative and not exhaustive
Sum Insured

₹ 5000 up to ₹ 1 Crore

Entry Age

There is no minimum or maximum age for entry in to the policy (Children from Day 1 up to 25 years can be covered in a family floater policy)

Cover Type

Individual and Family Floater

Relationships Covered

Self, legal spouse, dependent parents, unmarried children, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren, parent in laws, son in law, daughter in law, uncle, aunt, niece and nephew

Policy Term

1 year (>1 year, max up to 5 year’s term available for Credit Linked Policy)

Min Group Size

7 members


Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half-yearly/ Annual payments


Lifetime provided the insured person is still associated with group

Got Questions?

What are the details to be provided at the time of intimation of claim?

The following details are to be provided to the company’s at the tine of intimation of Claim: Policy number, Name of policy, Name of the insured person in whose relation the Claim is being lodged. Nature of illness / injury. Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and hospital. Date of Admission and any other information as requested by Us.