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Sum Insured : ₹ 1 Lac - ₹ 25 Crore

A vital protection for your financial health against life-changing critical illnesses that offers you the entire payment of sum insured on first diagnosis of listed illness.

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Covers 30 or 15 critical illnesses as per plan.

Access to online Wellness Programs

Lump sum and staggered payout options

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Launch Date: 30-10-2020

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What are the details to be provided at the time of intimation of claim?

The following details are to be provided to the company’s at the tine of intimation of Claim: Policy number, Name of policy, Name of the insured person in whose relation the Claim is being lodged. Nature of illness / injury. Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and hospital. Date of Admission and any other information as requested by Us.

ManipalCigna Critical Illness Insurance

A Critical Illness Insurance Policy covers you with the financial protection against a list of life- threatening critical illnesses, which include cancer, heart-related issues and first attack, open chest CABG, coma of specified severity, kidney failure and many more. The coverage, as well as the liability of paying the sum insured, depends on the severity of the critical illness. At ManipalCigna, we cover you against 30 different critical illnesses, and the entire sum assured is offered on the first diagnosis of any of them. Usually, you can choose from two payout options under the critical illness cover such as a lump sum in which you get full sum insured at once, or you can go for staggered payout option where 25% of the sum insured is paid as lump sum and the remaining 75% plus additional 10% sum insured will be paid in 60 EMIs.

Critical Illnesses bring critical times, and you always need to be prepared for such uncertainties. Manipal Cigna Critical Illness insurance covers you against 30 different critical illnesses. The major illnesses can be listed as- cancer of specified severity, first heart attack of specified severity, open heart replacement or repair of heart valves, kidney failure and dialysis, organ/bone marrow transplant and much more. You can check the list of critical illnesses in the product brochure available on the website. ManipalCigna Critical Illness plan offers you the benefit of an additional 10% of the sum insured if you opt for staggered claim payout option. To be prepared for a critical situation, you can choose the sum insured up to ₹3 crores, or up to ten times of your annual income. If you choose the single premium payment mode, you can avail a discount of 7.5% for the tenure of 2 years and 10% for 3 years. The entry age for the ManipalCigna Critical Illness Cover is 18 years, whereas the maximum age to purchase it is 65 years. This helps you get the critical illness cover even after your 50s. The lump sum payment is nothing but the sum insured which is offered on the diagnosis of critical illness, whereas, if you choose staggered payout, you get 25% on the diagnosis and remaining 75% with 10% additional amount will be paid out in 60 months as an EMI. Lastly, tax benefits can also be availed under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

The core strength of ManipalCigna’s Critical Illness Cover lies in its array of features designed to address the specific challenges posed by severe health conditions. The policy typically includes:

  • Coverage for a predetermined list of 15 or 30 critical illnesses including various types of cancers, heart diseases, kidney ailments, strokes, and organ transplantation procedures.
  • Lump-sum payout of the sum insured amount upon receiving a diagnosis of a covered critical illness and riding out the survival period to help pay for the prolonged medical expenses.
  • Option to receive payouts on a staggered basis, in instalments based on your needs.
  • Higher sums insured that help you manage your living expenses in case a critical illness leads to loss of employment, resulting in loss of wages.
  • Access to online Wellness Programs.

Though critical illness insurance covers a wide range of diseases, there are some exclusions that you must know to avoid claim rejections in the future. Any other illness, apart from specified critical illnesses by us, is not covered under ManipalCigna Critical Illness Insurance. Similarly, any pre- existing disease before opting for the policy even if the illness is listed with us is not covered. Suicidal  acts, drug abuse, foreign invasions, and HIV/AIDs are also excluded from critical illness cover. The claims associated with these events are not processed, and you are not entitled to avail any benefit under such situations.

Selecting the right Critical Illness Cover demands a thoughtful evaluation of your health needs and financial circumstances. You can begin by assessing the specific illnesses covered under the ManipalCigna policy and ensure it aligns with your personal health risks. You must also consider the sum assured against the policy and evaluate whether it adequately addresses potential medical expenses on an inflation-adjusted basis, and the lost income during the treatment period. Moreover, you must explore the waiting period and survival period clauses, as they can influence the policy’s effectiveness.

A Critical Illness Insurance Plan is like an extra layer of protection that acts as a financial aid for you or your loved one tackling with a critical illness. Heart attack, stroke, lung disease, paralysis and cancer are some examples categorised as critical illnesses and incur greater than average medical expenses.

A critical illness cover provides protection in case of medical emergencies such as a heart attack or a stroke. It provides a large cover that acts as an income replacement and helps you deal with day-to-day expenses. A critical illness cover also increases your chances of survival.

ManipalCigna’s Critical Illness Medical Insurance stands out from other health insurance plans due to its specialized focus on severe health conditions. While traditional health insurance plans cover a broad spectrum of medical events, critical illness coverage is tailor-made to address specific, life-altering health crises, the treatment of which can be prolonged and incredibly expensive. The key differences lie in the nature of coverage, payout structure, and the policy’s overall focus.

A distinctive feature is the lump-sum payout offered by ManipalCigna upon the diagnosis of a critical illness. This lump-sum amount provides flexibility, allowing you to use it for various purposes such as medical treatments, rehabilitation, or even lifestyle adjustments during recovery. Unlike the reimbursement-based structure of traditional health insurance, which only covers the incurred expenses, the lump-sum payout in critical illness coverage allows you to manage your unique healthcare needs.

Moreover, the critical illness benefit covers a predetermined list of severe health conditions, including but not limited to cancer, heart ailments, stroke, paralysis, renal failure and other life-threatening ailments. This ensures that you receive targeted assistance precisely when faced with these major health challenges.


Critical Care Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Plan

Coverage Type

Select Critical Illnesses

Comprehensive Health Cover

Payout Structure

Lump-sum or Staggered

Reimbursement or Cashless

Utilization of Payout


Restricted to Medical Expenses

Policy Focus

Specific Critical Illnesses

General Health Events

Waiting Period

24-28 months

90-180 days, depending on policy

Yes, a critical illness insurance plan does offer tax benefit! Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 the critical illness payout is tax-free. The insured can enjoy tax savings up to ₹25,000, provided they are less than 60 years old. Similarly, senior citizens above 60 years of age get tax savings up to ₹50,000.

While investing in a Critical Illness Policy and during claim, certain documents are required. At the time of claim, you will require the following documents: (a) A medical certificate diagnosing the critical illness. (b) Pharmacy bills and prescription. (c) KYC documents. (d) Discharge/death summary from the hospital. (e) Any other documents required by the insurance company.

The ManipalCigna Critical Illness Insurance policy provides coverage for 20+ critical illnesses. It offers two claim payout options - lumpsum payout and staggered equated payment. Moreover, you get to personalise the critical illness insurance policy to suit your medical needs and financial situation.

In an era where health uncertainties loom large, ManipalCigna’s Critical Illness Policy emerges as a crucial shield against the financial strain that accompanies severe illnesses. Beyond the coverage provided by standard health insurance plans, critical illness coverage steps in to offer a specialized layer of protection.

The reality is that the treatment costs associated with critical illnesses often surpass the coverage limits of traditional health insurance. In such instances, a dedicated Critical Illness Policy becomes the financial anchor, ensuring that you can access the best possible medical care, at the hands of the best medical professionals in India, without compromising on treatment costs.

  • Comprehensive Illness Coverage: Ensure the policy covers a broad range of critical illnesses.
  • Sum Assured: Evaluate if the sum assured aligns with the potential medical expenses and income loss.
  • Waiting Period: Understand the waiting period before the policy becomes active.
  • Survival Period: Familiarize yourself with the survival period clause to be eligible to file a claim.
  • Policy Term: Choose a policy that provides long-term coverage, covering your vulnerable years.

The steps to file a claim against your ManipalCigna Critical Illness Policy are rather simple:

  1. Start by notifying ManipalCigna Health Insurance promptly upon diagnosis.
  2. Provide all necessary medical documents, including diagnostic reports, treatment details, and a medical practitioner’s assessment.
  3. ManipalCigna will evaluate the claim based on the policy terms and, if approved, disburse the lump-sum amount to you.
  4. In case of a cashless claim, you will have to inform the hospital TPA and they will take the process forward.

Staying engaged and in constant touch with our claims department and seeking guidance throughout the process can help streamline the claim-filing journey.

ManipalCigna’s Critical Care Insurance typically covers a range of severe health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Cancers of specific severity
  • Cardiovascular ailments including heart attacks and open-heart surgeries.
  • Strokes resulting in permanent damages or symptoms
  • End stage liver failure
  • Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis
  • Coronary artery diseases and CABG surgery
  • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lupus and other life-threatening ailments

Understanding the covered critical illnesses is important so you can judge whether your chosen policy offers comprehensive coverage. ManipalCigna’s commitment to inclusive coverage ensures that you are equipped to face the financial challenges associated with these critical health events.

Why should I invest in Critical Care Illness Insurance Cover?

Critical Care Illness Insurance Cover is crucial as it provides a financial safety net during severe health crises. It ensures a lump-sum payout upon diagnosis of specific illnesses, which helps cover medical expenses, lifestyle adjustments, and income loss. This specialized coverage goes beyond traditional health insurance, offering peace of mind and financial stability when faced with life-altering health challenges, while ensuring quality care without compromising your financial well-being.

What is the extent of critical illness coverage that I should get?

The critical illness cover you need depends on several factors like your age, family history of critical medical ailments, and the lifestyle you wish to keep up with, should you be diagnosed of a medical condition that impacts your ability to financially provide for your family. Ensure you choose a high sum insured amount that helps combat inflation-adjusted medical costs.

What documents must I submit while filing a critical illness insurance claim?

While filing a critical illness insurance claim, you typically need to submit all the applicable documents listed in the claim form. These usually include diagnostic reports, treatment details, and an assessment certificate from a medical practitioner stating that you have been diagnosed with a specific critical illness covered under your policy. Providing these documents is vital for a smooth claims process.

Do life insurance policies cover  the costs of critical illnesses?

No, life insurance plans typically do not cover critical illness treatment costs. Life insurance provides a payout upon death or in case of accidental hospitalization, while critical care illness insurance offers a lump sum for specific severe health conditions diagnosed during the policy term. Both serve different purposes: life insurance provides financial support to you following a life-changing accident or your beneficiaries in case of your sudden, unfortunate demise, whereas critical illness coverage helps bears the costs of specific, life-threating and long-term illnesses.

Can I buy a critical illness policy after being diagnosed with cancer?

Whether or not you can buy a critical illness policy after a cancer diagnosis depends on your insurer. Some insurers may offer critical illness plans after you recover from the illness, but might charge higher premiums and impose longer waiting periods, deeming cancer as a pre-exiting condition. Others may deny offering insurance coverage altogether.

Can I buy a critical illness policy after being diagnosed with an illness?

You may or may not be able to buy a critical illness policy after being diagnosed with an illness, depending on your chosen insurer. If an insurer agrees to offer you coverage, they may charge significant premiums and impose longer waiting periods during which you cannot file claims if your previously diagnosed illness resurfaces.

Do insurers impose any eligibility criteria for purchasing critical illness insurance?

Yes, they do. You must fit in the insurer’s age group and not be diagnosed with certain health conditions as listed in their policy terms to be eligible for critical illness coverage. You may also need to undergo certain medical tests  (especially if you buy this insurance plan in your late 30s and beyond). Additionally, you must truthfully declare if any of your immediate family members have been previously diagnosed with critical illnesses.

Do I need to undergo a medical test to get critical illness cover?

Whether or not you need to undergo a medical test depends on the age at which you buy a critical illness policy and if you have a family history of critical illnesses.

Can I claim tax exemptions if I buy a critical illness policy?

Yes, critical illness insurance policies come under the realm of general health insurance plans, covered under Section 80D of the IT Act. Under this section, you can claim annual tax exemptions of ₹25,000 to ₹100,000 on purchasing medical and critical illness plans, for yourself, spouse, children and dependent parents.

Can I file multiple claims for the same medical condition under a Critical illness policy?

No, you cannot. Critical illness policies typically involve a one-time lumpsum payout, under which your insurer pays you the sum insured after you are diagnosed with a critical illness and have ridden out the survival period. You can use the lump-sum amount to pay for a specific medical condition or other conditions diagnosed after receiving the lump-sum payout.

What factors affect the premiums charges against a critical illness health insurance plan?

Age, medical history, coverage amount, and lifestyle are some factors influencing your critical illness health insurance premium. As you age, premiums may increase. A healthy lifestyle and comprehensive coverage can lead to more affordable premiums. However, pre-existing conditions or high coverage amounts might result in higher costs. Understanding these factors helps you make informed decisions when choosing a policy that aligns with both your health needs and budget.