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Sum Insured : ₹ 1 Lac - ₹ 25 Crore

A vital protection for your financial health against life-changing critical illnesses that offers you the entire payment of sum insured on first diagnosis of listed illness.

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Key Benefits

Covers 30 or 15 critical illnesses as per plan.

Access to online Wellness Programs

Lump sum and staggered payout options

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Launch Date: 30-10-2020

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What are the details to be provided at the time of intimation of claim?

The following details are to be provided to the company’s at the tine of intimation of Claim: Policy number, Name of policy, Name of the insured person in whose relation the Claim is being lodged. Nature of illness / injury. Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and hospital. Date of Admission and any other information as requested by Us.

ManipalCigna Critical Illness Insurance

A Critical Illness Insurance Policy covers you with the financial protection against a list of life- threatening critical illnesses, which include cancer, heart-related issues and first attack, open chest CABG, coma of specified severity, kidney failure and many more. The coverage, as well as the liability of paying the sum insured, depends on the severity of the critical illness. At ManipalCigna, we cover you against 30 different critical illnesses, and the entire sum assured is offered on the first diagnosis of any of them. Usually, you can choose from two payout options under the critical illness cover such as a lump sum in which you get full sum insured at once, or you can go for staggered payout option where 25% of the sum insured is paid as lump sum and the remaining 75% plus additional 10% sum insured will be paid in 60 EMIs.

Critical Illnesses bring critical times, and you always need to be prepared for such uncertainties. Manipal Cigna Critical Illness insurance covers you against 30 different critical illnesses. The major illnesses can be listed as- cancer of specified severity, first heart attack of specified severity, open heart replacement or repair of heart valves, kidney failure and dialysis, organ/bone marrow transplant and much more. You can check the list of critical illnesses in the product brochure available on the website. ManipalCigna Critical Illness plan offers you the benefit of an additional 10% of the sum insured if you opt for staggered claim payout option. To be prepared for a critical situation, you can choose the sum insured up to ₹3 crores, or up to ten times of your annual income. If you choose the single premium payment mode, you can avail a discount of 7.5% for the tenure of 2 years and 10% for 3 years. The entry age for the ManipalCigna Critical Illness Cover is 18 years, whereas the maximum age to purchase it is 65 years. This helps you get the critical illness cover even after your 50s. The lump sum payment is nothing but the sum insured which is offered on the diagnosis of critical illness, whereas, if you choose staggered payout, you get 25% on the diagnosis and remaining 75% with 10% additional amount will be paid out in 60 months as an EMI. Lastly, tax benefits can also be availed under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Though critical illness insurance covers a wide range of diseases, there are some exclusions that you must know to avoid claim rejections in the future. Any other illness, apart from specified critical illnesses by us, is not covered under ManipalCigna Critical Illness Insurance. Similarly, any pre- existing disease before opting for the policy even if the illness is listed with us is not covered. Suicidal  acts, drug abuse, foreign invasions, and HIV/AIDs are also excluded from critical illness cover. The claims associated with these events are not processed, and you are not entitled to avail any benefit under such situations.

A Critical Illness Insurance Plan is like an extra layer of protection that acts as a financial aid for you or your loved one tackling with a critical illness. Heart attack, stroke, lung disease, paralysis and cancer are some examples categorised as critical illnesses and incur greater than average medical expenses.

A critical illness cover provides protection in case of medical emergencies such as a heart attack or a stroke. It provides a large cover that acts as an income replacement and helps you deal with day-to-day expenses. A critical illness cover also increases your chances of survival.

Yes, a critical illness insurance plan does offer tax benefit! Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 the critical illness payout is tax-free. The insured can enjoy tax savings up to ₹25,000, provided they are less than 60 years old. Similarly, senior citizens above 60 years of age get tax savings up to ₹50,000.

While investing in a Critical Illness Policy and during claim, certain documents are required. At the time of claim, you will require the following documents: (a) A medical certificate diagnosing the critical illness. (b) Pharmacy bills and prescription. (c) KYC documents. (d) Discharge/death summary from the hospital. (e) Any other documents required by the insurance company.

The ManipalCigna Critical Illness Insurance policy provides coverage for 20+ critical illnesses. It offers two claim payout options - lumpsum payout and staggered equated payment. Moreover, you get to personalise the critical illness insurance policy to suit your medical needs and financial situation.