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Mar 21 2024

Understand your Insurance Rights on World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights day celebrated on 15th March, aims to raise awareness about consumer rights and promote consumer protection. This day...

Feb 16 2024

ManipalCigna launches ‘Mere Choice Ka Health Insurance’ campaign to empower young adults about Health Insurance

Mumbai, February 15, 2024: ManipalCigna Health Insurance has announced the launch of its latest campaign, "Mere Choice ka Health Insurance" (MCHI)...

Jan 24 2024

Discovering Critical Illness Insurance Cover – An A to Z Guide

No matter how young or old you are, how rich or poor you are, how healthy or unfit you are, illnesses don’t discriminate. If you want proof of...

Jan 24 2024

Unhappy With Your Health Insurer? Consider Health Insurance Portability

Change is the only constant! This saying is true for all aspects of life. When something you pay for does not give you good value for money, it is...

Jan 24 2024

How To Choose Health Insurance Plans – A Master Class

Being unwell is a pesky feeling. When you’re sleeping after a long day of work, you want to sleep a little more and keep hitting that snooze...

Jan 24 2024

Medical Insurance and the Curious Case of Pre-Existing Health Conditions 

Honesty is the best policy! This statement especially holds true at the time of buying insurance. One of the times when you need to wholly and...

Jan 24 2024

Health Insurance Vs Life Insurance – Should You Buy One Or Both? 

And old adage goes that it is cheaper to buy insurance ten years early than one minute late. A sudden accident or an unprecedented illness can turn...

Jan 24 2024

All Your Questions About Waiting Period in Health Insurance Answered 

A lifesaver, a money-saver, and an invaluable asset – Health Insurance is a lot of things rolled into one neat package. It covers your costs when...

Jan 24 2024

Home Is Where The Healing Happens – Domiciliary Hospitalization Explained

The path to recovery can sometimes be long and tedious and a simple medical diagnosis can sometimes translate into a long-term treatment course....

Jan 03 2024

War of the Insurance Policies – Health Vs Term Insurance

‘Health is wealth’ is perhaps the oldest and wisest of adages. A wise person is one who ensures both physical health and financial health. Such a...

Jan 03 2024

All About Protecting Your Finances – Why You Need To Buy Health Insurance Early on In Life

If the world had to pick the worst year in the past decade, we’d most probably and collectively pick 2020. Riddled with deaths and health crises...

Jan 03 2024

Health Insurance 101: Reviewing Inpatient Vs Outpatient Hospitalization

Have you ever heard of the word Nosocomephobia? We bet you’ve experienced this sensation without knowing it. Nosocomephobia is simply an intense...

Jan 03 2024

Making Health Insurance Premiums Affordable – The Cheat Sheet You Didn’t Know You Needed

Is paying insurance premium giving you sleepless nights? Do you worry that the high premiums will eat into your financial plans and mess up your...

Jan 03 2024

Better Be Safe Than Sorry – Reduce Your Financial Risks With Health Insurance Investments

Until a century ago, the medical field was still in its infant stage. People diagnosed of illnesses like cancers, heart ailments, and kidney...

Jan 03 2024

Paying Medical Bills is So Passé – Get Mediclaim Insurance Instead

We’ve all heard our grandparents tell us stories about the meagre costs of living when they were young. They could buy gold for a mere hundred...

Dec 11 2023

Fine Print in Personal Accident Insurance Plans: Importance, Coverage & Details | ManipalCigna

Importance of Reading the Fine Print in Your Personal Accident Insurance Policy In the event of an accident, a health insurance  plan can...

Nov 30 2023

Importance Of Maternity Coverage: Maternity Cover In Health Insurance | ManipalCigna

Importance of adding maternity coverage to your health insurance plan Parenting is something that all couples look forward to. They and their...

Nov 23 2023

5 Effective Smart Ways to Save Money On Health Insurance Premiums | ManipalCigna

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Health Insurance Premiums With every year, we are making technological advancements in the medical field. With...

Nov 23 2023

ABHA Health Card Registration: Guide on What is ABHA & Its Benefits | ManipalCigna

ABHA Registration: Everything you need to know about it! Whenever you do a diagnostic test, you may store the report safely for a few months or a...

Nov 23 2023

OPD Cover in Health Insurance: Check Benefits & Expense Coverage | ManipalCigna

The Benefits of OPD Expense Coverage: Protecting Your Health and Finances A basic health insurance plan will provide you coverage against...

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