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Sep 22 2023

ManipalCigna Health Insurance spearheads health camps to drive insurance awareness in Karnataka under IRDAI’s State Insurance Plan

The event was inaugurated and graced by the presence of esteemed Chief Guest, Roopesh Shetty, a prominent actor from Karnataka and winner of Big...

Sep 05 2023

ManipalCigna Health Insurance appointed as Lead Insurer for Karnataka to create insurance awareness under IRDAI’s State Insurance Plan

Karnataka- August 31st, 2023 – ManipalCigna Health Insurance, one of India's fastest-growing standalone health insurance company has been appointed...

Aug 31 2023

ManipalCigna Health Insurance offers tailored health insurance solutions to empower Kerala’s health landscape

ManipalCigna continues to expand its footprint in Kerala and across South India with its robust multi-channel distribution network and...

Jul 31 2023

ManipalCigna registers robust 37% increase in GWP at ₹500+ Cr in South India in FY 22-23, expects market to double in the next 2 Years

ManipalCigna Health Insurance continues to deepen its presence across India and the southern markets, with its innovative health insurance...

Jul 05 2023

Health insurance for pre-existing medical conditions in India

A healthy lifestyle can include a healthy diet, abstaining from bad habits, having a healthy daily routine, exercise, work-life balance, stress...

Jul 05 2023

Senior Citizen Health Insurance – The Need & Importance

During their working years, many people prioritise wealth creation. In the process, some of them sacrifice health. During their golden years and...

Jul 05 2023

Difference between OPD Health Insurance Policies and Regular Health Insurance Policies

In April 2023, the Government released the National Health Accounts Estimate report. As per the report, the individual out-of-pocket expenditure...

Jul 05 2023

Pros and Cons of Buying Health Insurance Online

In the last few years, digitisation has disrupted many sectors. Insurance is no exception to this trend. The adoption of digital services in...

Jul 03 2023

Network vs Non-Network Hospitals in Health Insurance

A health insurance policy provides you coverage against hospitalisation expenses. However, how the hospitalisation expenses are paid depends on...

Jul 03 2023

A Comprehensive Guide on Personal Accident Cover

Do you travel a lot due to your profession or personal reasons? If yes, you need to have a personal accident insurance cover. A health insurance...

Jul 03 2023

6 Key Factors to Consider While Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Buying health insurance for yourself and your family is one of your most important decisions. Hence, it is essential to understand your health...

Jun 29 2023

The National Insurance Awareness Day 2023

Empowering Individuals with comprehensive health insurance, for a Secure Future By Prasun Sikdar The National Insurance Awareness Day in India,...

Jun 29 2023

National Insurance Awareness Day: Health insurance is a necessity, says Sapna Desai of ManipalCigna Health Insurance

Q1. Lack of awareness is a big issue that refrains more people from seeking the necessary insurance coverage. How do you think people can be...

Jun 06 2023

Increasing need for outpatient department cover in a health insurance plan

By Prasun Sikdar Healthcare costs in India are on the rise and the need for a comprehensive health insurance coverage is a necessity. While most...

May 29 2023

The impact of lifestyle factors on your health insurance coverage

  Since childhood, we have heard the saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The same thing affects your health insurance...

May 29 2023

Busting Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Health Insurance

In India, many families are just one hospitalisation event away from losing their hard-earned lifelong savings. Hence, it is important for every...

May 29 2023

9 Top Reasons Why Health Insurance Claims Get Denied and Tips on avoiding them

Most health insurance companies have a healthy claim payment ratio and are taking all possible efforts to improve it further. However, there are...

May 22 2023

Health insurance: Multi-individual cover versus family floater plan

By Shashank Chaphekar   Health Insurance coverage is an important aspect of protecting one’s financial and personal well-being in the face...

May 15 2023

Mother's Day: ManipalCigna's Sapna Desai writes why health insurance is the best gift for your mother

By Sapna Desai Mother’s Day falls on May 14 this year, and many of us are looking for the perfect gift to show our appreciation for the women who...

May 08 2023

Why senior citizens must have health insurance

By Shashank Chaphekar In recent times, health insurance has gained significant attention, and rightfully so. It is a vital component of financial...

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