ManipalCigna ProHealth Insurance: Comprehensive Protection


Apr 17 2023


ManipalCigna ProHealth Insurance: All-round protection for your changing healthcare needs

Shifting health needs call for a medical insurance plan that offers comprehensive risk protection while being versatile enough to meet changing healthcare requirements. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Insurance accomplishes all that and more through a variety of coverage options.

ProHealth Insurance comes with not one, not two, but five distinct variants: Protect, Plus, Preferred, Premier, and Accumulate. Choose the variant that best fits your requirements and amp up the protection with optional add-on covers. These health insurance products are designed to meet your unique needs, and there are options to suit every budget.

Why choose Manipal Cigna ProHealth Insurance?

You want a health insurance product that ensures protection when the actual medical need arises. But many policies will leave you in the lurch during a crisis. Not so with ProHealth Insurance from Manipal Cigna. The coverage offered is wide-ranging and each policy features some key benefits.

  • Renew your plan and watch the coverage grow:

Every time you renew the plan, a cumulative bonus is added to the sum insured. The bonus is added even if you filed a claim during the previous year. Over time, you could end up with a cumulative bonus of up to 200% of the original sum insured—and all without a change in the premium. It works very well as a safeguard against inflation.

  • Enjoy unlimited restorations of the sum insured:

With ProHealth Insurance, you won’t run out of coverage, not even if you make multiple claims during the policy year. Here’s how that works: Each time you file a fresh claim during the year, the insurer restores your sum insured. This happens multiple times and even in case of claims pertaining to the same ailment.

  • Commit to healthy ways and save on premiums:

Enrol in our Healthy Rewards programme to save on your renewal premiums. Every reward point you earn offsets 1% of the premium payable. All you have to do is sign up for specified wellness programmes like health risk assessment, chronic condition management, and health check-up to start collecting points. You could potentially shave off 19% of your premium at renewal time.

  • Emergencies covered, no matter where you are:

Few things are worse than falling ill or getting injured while on an international trip. But there’s no need to worry. ProHealth Insurance has you covered up to your selected sum insured. Policyholders can claim for any essential emergency medical care that they receive while travelling abroad.

  • Get optional covers to amp up your coverage:

ProHealth Insurance plans can be customized to your needs and preferences. Optional covers for a daily hospital cash benefit, co-payment and deductible waivers, and cumulative bonus boosters are just some of the options. You could even add on a critical illness cover that pays a lump sum at the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness.

Know your options with ProHealth Insurance

Manipal Cigna ProHealth Insurance provides health insurance coverage ranging from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 1 crore. The plan you choose will depend entirely on your needs, budget, and other preferences. Here’s a closer look at the five variants under the ProHealth Insurance umbrella.

A: ProHealth Protect

This no-frills plan takes care of all the essentials, right from hospitalization and home care to more than 540+ daycare treatments. With protection plans starting from Rs 2.5 lakh and going up to Rs 50 lakh, you can start small initially and raise the coverage as your income grows. The unlimited restoration benefit ensures that even with the base scheme, you could file claims above and beyond your original sum insured in a given year.

Being a basic plan, ProHealth Protect has its limitations, of course. For example, there is no maternity coverage, and while the plan provides for free health check-ups, that benefit is available only every three years. Moreover, the four-year waiting period for pre-existing diseases is on the higher side.

But you can get more out of this plan with add-on covers. For example, the annual cumulative bonus is just 5%, but an add-on rider would boost that to 25%. You could also opt for the hospital cash benefit and get Rs 1,000 per day for out-of-pocket expenses during a hospital stay.

Who should get the ProHealth Protect plan?

This affordable plan ticks all the essential boxes and is well-suited to young singles and couples. However, given the four-year waiting period for pre-existing conditions, ProHealth Protect may not be the best option for individuals who are nearing middle age or older.

B: ProHealth Plus

The ProHealth Plus option is a step up from the basic variant. Coverage starts from Rs 4.5 lakh and goes up to Rs 50 lakh, and there’s plenty to be pleased about here. For starters, the waiting period for pre-existing diseases drops to three years and annual health check-ups are available to all policyholders aged 18 and above.

One big benefit for couples who want to start a family is the inclusion of maternity coverage. ProHealth Plus pays up to Rs 15,000 for a normal delivery and Rs 25,000 for a C-section. In addition, the baby’s vaccinations for the first year are covered under the policy, over and above the maternity costs. There is a two-year waiting period for maternity coverage, but an add-on cover will reduce the wait to just 12 months.

The cumulative bonus on the sum insured is higher at 10% per year. You could still boost it to 25% by purchasing the optional cover. Opt for the Hospital Daily Cash Benefit and you would get Rs 2,000 per day for out-of-pocket costs (higher than in the Protect plan). And if you want to save on the premium, there’s a 25% family discount if two or more family members are covered under the same policy.

Who should get the ProHealth Plus plan?

Families with kids and couples who want to start a family could go for ProHealth Plus. This variant provides essential health protection, maternity coverage, and shorter waiting periods without breaking the bank.

C: ProHealth Preferred

The ProHealth Preferred variant focuses on higher insured sums of Rs 15 lakh, Rs 30 lakh, or Rs 50 lakh. It also comes with bigger advantages: Outpatient expenses worth up to Rs 15,000 are now covered under Health Maintenance Benefits. The waiting period for pre-existing diseases is down to a more manageable two years. Plus, a 10% cumulative bonus is automatically added to the sum insured each year.

For anyone who wants to start a family, ProHealth Preferred is an excellent choice. The policy pays up to Rs 50,000 for a normal delivery and up to Rs 1 lakh for a C-Section, while also covering the infant’s vaccination bills for a year. That can be a big support for new parents.

Other benefits include an annual health check-up and full reimbursement for ambulance charges. Plus, optional covers will reduce the maternity waiting period and hike the cumulative bonus. One could also waive the mandatory co-pay applicable to senior citizens by paying an additional fee.

Who should get the ProHealth Preferred plan?

If you are starting a family and don’t want to scrimp on coverage, ProHealth Preferred gets the job done. This variant is also a good choice for families with kids that do not mind paying just a little extra to get more coverage.  

D: ProHealth Premier

The premium variant under the ProHealth umbrella comes with a large sum insured of Rs 1 crore. ProHealth Premier ensures that all your medical costs are taken care of with no scrimping at any stage.

The Premier plan has just a two-year waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions. And if pregnancy is a priority, you could reduce the wait to one year by purchasing an add-on rider.

In fact, maternity coverage is one of the USPs of this variant. Eligible policyholders receive up to Rs 1 lakh for a normal delivery, up to Rs 2 lakh for a C-Section, and coverage for all mandatory vaccinations over the baby’s first year.

As with all ProHealth plans, the Premier option features unlimited restoration of the sum insured and global coverage for emergency medical treatment. The policy provides up to Rs 15,000 in case of outpatient costs. And you could opt for the Rs 3,000 daily hospital cash benefit to deal with miscellaneous expenses during a hospital stay. There is also an add-on cover to waive the co-pay mandate for senior citizens.

Who should get the ProHealth Premier Plan?

This is the plan for anybody who does not wish to compromise on their healthcare. The higher premium also comes with larger coverage and much bigger benefits. ProHealth Premier is also a viable choice for couples who want high-end coverage throughout the maternity period.

E: ProHealth Accumulate

Here is an interesting option for those on a budget. ProHealth Accumulate features a range of sum insured options, right from Rs 5.5 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. This variant prioritizes healthcare even outside the hospital. Under the Health Maintenance Benefit, it pays up to Rs 20,000 towards outpatient expenses, surpassing even the Premier plan in scope. Moreover, policyholders get to choose how much outpatient coverage they need.

ProHealth Accumulate has another unique feature. It allows policyholders to accumulate their Health Maintenance Benefit. The amount accumulated can be used to pay the co-payment or deductible. Up to 50% of the accumulated benefit may also be used to part-pay the first renewal premium. And there’s more! A cumulative bonus of 5% is tacked on to the unutilized benefit at the end of each year. This is in addition to the annual 5% bonus that’s added to the sum insured.

However, this is still a budget plan, which is why post-hospitalization coverage is available for only 90 days, whereas the Plus, Preferred, and Premier variants all offer 180 days. Moreover, as with Protect, free health check-ups are available only once every three years, and there is no maternity coverage.

Who should get the ProHealth Accumulate plan?

This health insurance plan is well-suited to singles, couples, and families on a budget. It offers all the basic coverage, as well as some useful frills to keep medical expenses in check.

In a nutshell

Manipal Cigna ProHealth Insurance provides health protection for different needs. Its five distinct variant plans ensure each consumer gets the right amount and extent of health insurance coverage. Of course, deciding which plan and which add-ons to choose will depend entirely on your finances, family status, age, and medical needs.

Once you make a selection, the way forward is simple. You can get a quote and compare other health plans on the ManipalCigna website. If you need help, their customer service personnel offer timely support to ease the purchase process. You could also interact with their online chatbot for quick solutions to basic issues. Post-purchase, you can access policy services and even file or track insurance claims through the company website. From plan selection and purchase to policy servicing and claims, the entire process is smooth, pleasant, and hassle-free.