Insurance Claim Process

Follow these easy steps to place an insurance claim with ManipalCigna Health Insurance


A claim request is made to ManipalCigna Health Insurance if you have availed any insurance related services. The insurance could have been for medical expenses, hospitalization, or any such treatment.

Claims and Reimbursement


Contact Toll free Healthline  1800-419-1159

Before you seek medical treatment we request that you contact us 3 days in advance. This will allow our health relationship managers to help you follow the next few steps. In case of emergency, you can contact us within 24 hours of admission to the hospital.


Your Identification

At the network hospital you will need to show your ManipalCigna Health Insurance health card and valid photo ID to be able to use your insurance. This will give the network hospital the details they need to contact us for the cashless hospitalization process. Click Here to download your health card.


Hospital sends cashless hospitalization request form

The network hospital will send us the preauthorization request form which has details of medical history, line of treatment and estimated treatment cost.


ManipalCigna Health Insurance contacts Hospital

Wherever the information provided in the request is sufficient to ascertain the authorization, we will issue the authorization Letter to the network hospital. Wherever additional information or documents are required we will call for the same from the Network hospital and upon satisfactory receipt of last necessary documents the authorization will be issued.


Updates from Claims Service Associate

If such a service is requested by you, our claims service associate helps you navigate through the paper work and forms.


At the time of Discharge

Hospital will send us the final request for authorization of any residual amount along with final hospital bill and discharge summary. You will be discharged from the hospital upon receipt of final authorization letter from us. Any inadmissible expenses, copayments, deductions will have to be paid by you.


Payment to the network hospital made by ManipalCigna Health Insurance

Once the Hospitalization is done, hospital will send the original claim documents to us. The claim will be assessed by us and payment will be made to the network hospital.