Add Antioxidants to Your Daily Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years, antioxidants have become an important dietary component. Consumers are now highly conscious about what they eat, when they eat and how they eat. In a quest to stay healthy and fit, many people are now increasingly consuming antioxidants. These are protectors of your cells. They are vitamins, enzymes and minerals which prevent the damaging process of oxidation in your body tissue. They facilitate immunity and keep you protected from over 60 diseases and illnesses. Production of antioxidants in human body reduces with age and thus, you must take necessary food supplements to ensure a good quantity of antioxidants within the body. 

Understanding Antioxidants in Your Food

All About Colour - In general, foods that contain antioxidants are full of vibrant colours. For instance, tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene antioxidant, which extends its colour to tomatoes. 

To Cook or Not to Cook - It is important to know how to eat antioxidant-rich foods or else you might end up losing their nutritional value. Wild blueberries are high in antioxidants but if you cook them in a pie, they lose their value. On the contrary, fresh raw tomatoes contain moderate antioxidants but the value increases drastically when they are cooked.

Organic vs. Commercial - Organic fruits and vegetables are the best sources of antioxidants. With the increased use of pesticides and fertilizers, there is a decline in the nutritional value of commercially farmed produce. If you don’t have access to natural and organic foods, you can opt for antioxidant supplements to increase your body’s antioxidant reserve. 

Do You Need Antioxidants?
Everyone does! All of us need a steady supply of antioxidants to maintain our health and prevent us from diseases. Stressors like poor diet, alcohol consumption, mental stress, exertion, pollution, and smoking can cause the radicals of our body to proliferate. In such cases, an external intake of antioxidants provides the following health benefits:

  • More energy and better brain function
  • Reduced cancer risks
  • Detoxification for your body
  • Healthy skin, nails and hair
  • Better immune system
  • DNA repair
  • Increased life span and slower aging effects

​How To Get Antioxidants In Your Diet?
It is quite simple to consume a diet rich in antioxidants. Opt for unprocessed foods full of high quality raw fruits and vegetables. Drink juices of your favourite fruits to get maximum benefits. Start eating brightly coloured fruits and veggies like nuts, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, berries, herbs and spices on a regular basis. Add pistachios and nuts to your diet. Consider switching to green tea.
Antioxidants will boost your energy levels, improve mental clarity and protect your cells from radical damage. If you are considering taking a mediclaim policy for your health and wellbeing, you should also consider eating healthy and staying fit. Including antioxidants in your daily routine will definitely elevate your health and lifespan.

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