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Sum Insured : Up To ₹10 Crore

A plan that assures financial support and provides a safety cushion for a better
tomorrow by providing complete protection, on and off the job, including death,
disability, loss of job and financial protection.

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Multi Individual

Key Benefits

Lump sum payout option

Loss of job covered

Financial protection for dependent child

UIN: MCIPAIP21123V022021
Launch Date: 30-10-2020

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What are the details to be provided at the time of intimation of claim?

The following details are to be provided to the company’s at the tine of intimation of Claim: Policy number, Name of policy, Name of the insured person in whose relation the Claim is being lodged. Nature of illness / injury. Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and hospital. Date of Admission and any other information as requested by Us.

ManipalCigna Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident cover is a type of insurance wherein you are a part of the contract with us. In case of any unfortunate event of partial/permanent disability, physical injuries and even death caused by accident, we will pay out the benefits to you/beneficiary as soon as the claim is made. If by misfortune the person gets deceased or meets permanent total disablement, we pay 100% sum insured to the beneficiaries under personal accident insurance. In the case of partial disability, a fixed percentage of sum assured is offered up to 100%. Besides, you can claim for several other financial needs caused by accident such as emergency ambulance cover, loss of employment, accidental burns, broken bones, and coma. The pay-out eligibility for personal accident insurance may vary based on the intensity of the event and type of plan you choose, and subject to terms and conditions.

Accidental events are uncertain, and we all need to be prepared to face them. Staying financially secure is crucial, as the consequences of personal accident may severely hit your financial budgeting. ManipalCigna Personal Accident Insurance is available under three options that cover you against different accidental events. The basic personal accident policy pays out only in case of accidental death, emergency ambulance expenses and funeral expenses. The enhanced cover enables you avail benefits of permanent total disablement and enhanced cover along with the basic plan. The third one is a comprehensive cover that includes even orphan benefits, permanent partial disablement, and loss of employment. Apart from three plan options, you can choose from supplementary covers in addition to the plan such as temporary total disablement, burns due to accident, broken bones, and coma benefit. You can choose the minimum sum insured amount from ₹50 thousand to ₹10 crores. The maximum age for adults to get ManipalCigna Personal Accident cover is 80 years, and you may be asked to undergo a medical examination only if you are above the age of 70 years. Not only the age benefit, but you can choose the policy coverage on an individual or family basis, in which you can cover your spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, dependent in-laws, and dependent siblings. The coverage for each of these criteria is subject to terms and conditions. In short, getting a personal accident policy is always beneficial.

ManipalCigna Personal Accident Insurance covers you financially under several events. In case of accidental death or permanent total disablement occurred due to an accident, we pay you 100% sum insured. In the case of permanent partial disablement, a fixed percentage of the sum insured up to 100% is offered based on the nature of the disability. Emergency ambulance cover can be claimed up to ₹10 thousand, which may vary depending on the sum insured. The orphan benefit is offered to the child if both the parents meet any unfortunate event of the demise, which is equivalent to the sum insured. A basic monthly income is paid for the first three months as the loss of income benefit if you meet any permanent total or partial disablement. This income is based on your last salary slip or income tax returns. Funeral expenses of ₹5 thousand are paid for the sum insured up to ₹50 Lacs and ₹10 thousand beyond ₹50 Lac. Under education fund provision, 10% if the sum insured is provided to the child as a one-time payment for his education in case of disability/demise of the parent. Temporary total disablement, burns benefits, broken bones benefits, and coma benefits are also available under our personal accident cover.

The main use of personal accident insurance is to provide coverage against death or permanent or total disability caused due to an accident. It is an additional layer of protection added to your health insurance plan that offers a lump sum payout so that you do not have to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses.

Some of the benefits of investing in a personal accident policy are - (a) Provides financial aid to deal with medical and non-medical expenses incurred due to an unforeseen accident. (b) No external documents or tests required. (c) Acts as an income replacement.

Yes, you can. Personal Accident Insurance offers cover for individuals and family. Dependents such as parents, siblings, children, spouse and in-laws can be added to the insurance plan as long they lie between 18-75 years of age.

The following documents will be required for a claim on personal accident insurance policy - (a)  Photo Identity Proof (Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, Aadhar Card). (b) Duly completed and signed claim form in original. (c) Copy of Medico Legal Certificate (if conducted) duly attested by the concerned hospital. (d) Income proof. (e) Copy of FIR/Punchnama/Police Inquest Report (if conducted) duly attested by the concerned police station.

The ManipalCigna Personal Accident Cover is about safeguarding yours and your family's health. You an choose from three insurance plans, each offering global coverage. It comes numerous benefits including education fund, temporary total disability, burns benefit, broken bones and coma.