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Cigna TTK gives you more in illness & wellness, says company’s new campaign

ManipalCigna  - 14 January 2016

Ad campaign focusses on the brand promise of improving health, well-being and sense of security of their customers

Mumbai, January 08, 2016: Cigna TTK Health Insurance, a joint venture between U.S. based global health service leader, Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI), and Indian conglomerate TTK Group, launched a new ad campaign. The campaign reiterates Cigna TTK’s promise to journey with the customer in illness and wellness, maintaining equal concern and closeness in good times and bad times, just like a loved one would.

An insight into the consumer mind-set showed that in India the Health Insurance category faces two major barriers - Health Insurance is considered relevant only when one is sick and Insurance = ‘Life’ Insurance. Cigna TTK’s ad campaign aims at breaking this indifference.

Sapna Desai, Head Marketing and Communication says “Cigna TTK has always believed that health insurance should work for consumers not just during times of illness but also in wellness. We see ourselves not just as a company that covers medical expenses, but a health partner that plays a much larger role, intrinsic to the entire life of a consumer. It is this driving belief that has been at the core of Cigna TTK’s communication strategy. The central idea of the latest brand campaign is built on going the extra mile by giving the customer “more”. The word 'more' alludes to its ProActiv Living program and CignaTTK ProHealth Insurance Protectiv Healing Benefits, which are a first in the category. While ProActiv Living solutions encourage people to live healthy, CignaTTK ProHealth Insurance Protectiv Healing helps them bounce back to good health in times of illness.”

ProActiv Living is a specialised program with both online and offline health and wellness benefits like health check-up, health coach, online wellness programs and wellbeing discounts. CignaTTK ProHealth Insurance Protectiv Healing benefits are a set of exclusive benefits which help ease financial worries in times of illness and help recovery in no time.

Parixit Bhattacharya, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA adds, “At the heart of the campaign lies the idea that those who truly care for you, always do more for you. Just like our loved ones think beyond immediate cures and push us to build our health, Cigna TTK supports customers by providing myriad illness and wellness benefits. This product truth allowed us to tap into a wealth of human story metaphors that express the bond of caring that Cigna TTK shares with its customers. A personal relationship that prompts the company to go the extra mile for each and every customer.”

'More' as a core thought has been effortlessly extended across a 3 film campaign, print, radio and digital media. Each medium playing its unique role in narrating more relatable human stories that pull heartstrings and bring a smile. The Print ads show candid shots of close relationships, between siblings, mother and daughter, grandparent-grandchild together, where one does more for the other, just by being there through thick and thin. Shot in black and white, the pictures lend the overall mood a very charming and a memory-like quality. This pan India campaign complements Cigna TTK's distribution strategy and marks its entry into tier two towns and is hence even more relevant because of its sheer simplicity and charming execution.

About Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited
Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the U.S. based global health service leader, Cigna Corporation and Indian conglomerate TTK Group. Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI) maintains sales capability in 31 countries and jurisdictions and has more than 80 million customer relationships throughout the world. TTK is widely recognized across India with a reputation built across eight decades for quality consumer products and services. Cigna TTK is a stand-alone health insurance company having a pan India presence, headquartered in Mumbai. Cigna TTK offers differentiated health insurance solutions including health and wellness programs that support customers in making lifestyle changes and managing chronic medical conditions. To learn more, visit


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ManipalCigna Leaders Outline Details of New Joint Venture to Sell Health Insurance Across India