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Still Paying Medical Bills Out-of-pocket? Get MCHI Today!

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The best plans… are a big part of adulting!

Hrishi & Mishi has planned it all - Akka Tai's salary, OTT subscriptions, Eating out on weekend and everything in between and now they are ready to navigate the next steps of adulthood. Life will always throw a curveball in your direction, you will be the real MVP if you could smash it back hard, with the right plan! Planning is a part of adulting, and so is getting a Health Insurance. Buy yours now and make MCHI your BFF!

Why pick us?

We know that something ordinary just won't do!. We're that 4 a.m. buddy that you didn't even know about till you landed here!

A smooth claim experience

Think of a cat purring from start to finish.

All-encompassing coverage

Because you and your loved ones deserve the best.

Affordable Products

Because everyone likes some extra cash in their wallets.

Unparalleled Benefits

So that you feel special from the moment you begin with us.

Check out our lit reads!

Want answers to the question, 'Why Should I Care About Health Insurance'? Or wondering what it's going to cost you? Not sure if you've planned your taxes right (or planned them ever)? We've got something for everyone.









What is the body responsible for regulating India's insurance sector called?


Did you know?

Some interesting facts we bet you didn't know! #HealthInsuranceTrivia

There are some insurance policies that provide coverage against alien abduction. Definitely not mainstream insurance policies!

David Beckham is one of the many celebrities who have insured their body parts. The ace footballer has insured his legs for a whopping $70 Million.

In the year 2001, an insurer in the UK offered protection against werewolf bites during a full moon that covered accidental death, dismemberment and scratches!

The Loch-Ness monster in Scotland is also the subject of insurance! In the 1970s, a whiskey company decided to take a £1 million insurance policy against its death or capture!

What they say about us!


"Health is wealth, and so is having a reliable insurance partner! MCHI understands the needs of young professionals. Their plans are flexible, and the customer service is like having a personal assistant. I can focus on influencing, knowing my health is in good hands."

Natasha Arya, 25



"Health is my priority, and so is having insurance that understands my active lifestyle. ManipalCigna Health Insurance's policies are perfect for me and my family. From my ACL injury and rehab to quick cashless hospitalisation, they covered everything. It's like having a workout buddy that takes care of the paperwork!"

Aadil Singhania, 29



"Being on the go constantly, health uncertainties are the last thing I need. ManipalCigna Health Insurance's coverage extends wherever I am in the country, and their tie-ups with leading hospitals are a lifesaver. I'm never worried about falling sick anymore."

Priya Desai, 26


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