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4 Ways to Have a Fruitful Weekend read

Feb 12 2021


There is no denying that fruits are very important. For reasons that may differ from person to person, but fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals and fibre - basically, all nutrients that we require to stay fit and healthy as well as stay away from unwelcome diseases and ailments. Including fruits in your daily life as part of a balanced diet can prove beneficial for your physical and mental health. Here’s to a weekend celebrating fruits and their importance in helping us lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some interesting tips for a healthy, out-of-the-box and fun-filled for you to have a ‘fruitful’ weekend:

Detox with Fruits

The junk food, untimely binge-eating and lack of attention towards one’s diet can contribute to developing a storehouse of toxins in the body. A fruit detox diet helps to flush out unwanted toxins and bacteria from the body and help build a healthy gut. Berries, citrus fruits, papaya, apples and watermelon are some fruits that are excellent choices for your detoxing weekend.

Fruits, Fancy, Fun

When it comes to cooking, there are numerous thing things you can do with fruits. From fresh fruit ice creams to popsicles to delicious juices, milkshakes and fruit bowls to utilizing different fruits in savoury preparations, there is a lot one can do in the kitchen with fruits.

Fruit Freshness for the Week

Breakfast is considered as an important meal in the meal since it’s fueled with essential nutrients required for a person to power through the entire day. Different fruits contribute in various ways to make sure your breakfast is healthy and wholesome. They are healthy foods to eat everyday that help you stay in shape. You can spend your weekend looking up and delicious recipes that include fruits in delicious ways. Why not serve some fresh multigrain bread with orange marmalade? How does a breakfast of oatmeal with frozen fruit-rolls sound?

Fruits for Your Beauty Regime

Did you know fruits and simple kitchen ingredients make up for a weekend of fruitilicious spa fun? Some great ways to include fruits in your skincare regime are:

- Try the mixed fruit face pack with honey for even-toned skin or fight your acne with banana and honey mix.

- You can dehydrate orange peels and blend them into a fine powder, to be used with honey as a face scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.

- When combined, peach and lemon can make a great face mask for oily skin

HEALTH AND WELLNESS guides from around the world emphasize the significance of fruits for a healthy lifestyle. Fruits are food for healthy hair, skin and much more. Experts from the healthcare sector and advisors from any MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANY stress the necessity of avoiding unhealthy junk food and maintaining a balanced diet. Replacing the fast food culture with such innovative ways of handling fruits is indeed a smart move towards better living.



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