Six Factors That Make Your Heart Age Faster read

Dec 28 2020


The heart is the most important organ as it bears the responsibility of supplying oxygenated blood for the proper functioning of other vital organs in the body. Every year, more than 17 million people in the world die due to heart-related diseases. Medical issues like myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke, which have always been associated with old age, but are now prevalent among young adults too. This alarming rate of increase in heart-related illnesses can be attributed to six main reasons that are listed below:


A wrong and unbalanced diet is the leading factor that can harm the heart. Overeating, overindulging in fatty foods and junk items, regular intake of processed food and too much salt in the diet can be very harmful to the heart. Excessive intake of calories leads to deposition of fat around the liver, which leads to increased levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Exceeding the recommended level of sodium intake causes high blood pressure and enhances the chance of HEART PROBLEMS. For this reason, people must maintain a balanced diet to lead a healthy lifestyle and live longer.


With technological advances, we see, to have lost some of the healthiest practices that were practised by our ancestors. For instance, very few people take a walk or a bicycle to work. People drive around comfortably, sit in front of laptops for hours at a stretch, use multiple gadgets and machines to make their life easier and combine it with unhealthy binge-eating. The American Heart Association reports the sedentary lifestyle of modern times as the main cause of heart failure across the world. Lack of physical activity and overuse of computers leads to stress, depression and increased pressure levels, which ultimately impact the heart. Basic cardio exercises every day can help keep your heart fit and healthy.


Regular consumption of alcohol leads to an increase in blood pressure, chances of a stroke and obesity. When left untreated, these health complications ultimately affect the heart. People who are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes show several unhealthy symptoms and deteriorating heart health is undoubtedly among them. Smoking is yet another habit that increases the chances of heart problems. Smoking infuses toxins into the body and people with high blood pressure or pre-existing artery blockages should quit smoking for a healthier and longer life.


Health and fitness is important for your heart but so is good hygiene. Studies based on periodontal research have revealed that people who floss regularly and cared more for their dental hygiene face lesser risks of suffering from coronary heart disease. The possible connection between the two factors is the presence of oral bacteria that can cause gum inflammation and also create a condition called atherosclerosis (swelling or hardening of the arteries which makes it difficult for the blood to flow through them).


Stress is not an uncommon term among young adults today, thanks to their busy lives and deteriorating lifestyle. While stress may start as a normal part of one’s life, it must be treated appropriately to avoid severe consequences like high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety attracts, addiction to vices like smoking and drinking, and depression. Stress, through its daunting effects makes the HEART AGE FASTER.


Most people easily overlook the symptoms that the body indicates when there is an impending problem. A sudden increase in weight, chronic discomfort in the chest region, increased blood pressure levels, too much stress and inadequate sleep cycles are the first steps that lead to fatal heart diseases when ignored.

While comprehensive health insurance plans from reliable companies like ManipalCigna Health Insurance can protect during health crises, prevention is always better than cure. Pay attention to simple lifestyle changes that can go a long way in protecting one’s heart and overall health. Heart exercises or cardio exercises should be included in your daily routine if you wish to keep your heart young and healthy.