10 tips to help you take care of your kids' dental health read

Dec 28 2020


The good dental health of your kids starts with you. Implementing these habits from a young age can help children learn the importance as well as make sure they always do it. Take care of your kids' dental hygiene using the 10 tips listed below:

1.Lead by example

Take care of your oral health and your kids will follow. Show them that taking care of teeth is important and can be done by practicing good oral hygiene every day.

2.Remind them to brush

Ask your children every day before they leave for school if they had brushed their teeth. Remind them the same before they go to bed. This is important because children tend to forget things. If teeth-brushing is a struggle for your kids, make it fun by brushing together and humming some song or jingle.

3.Tell them flossing is important

Flossing is as important as brushing teeth. It helps eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath. It may also help prevent gum disease, which is associated with future health complications.

4.Make sure your children have their breakfast daily

Evidence suggests that kids who eat a high protein breakfast in the morning have noticeably reduced sweet cravings later in the day. This creates an environment where teeth are less prone to decay.

5.Choose a good dentist

Select someone who your family can like and trust. It will make dentist visits more pleasant for your kids.

6.Stick to a schedule

Go for dental clinic visits regularly. Regular checkups are excellent for your kids’ dental health. It is recommended to visit a dentist every six months for routine cleanings and checkups. They also help your children to build a comfort level with the dentist.

7.Reduce sugar in their diets

While this may be a difficult thing to do, it is an important habit to inculcate in kids for various reasons. Taking in less sugar improves many aspects of their health and not just teeth hygiene. You can replace sugary snacks with healthy foods like fruit and cheese. Keep soft drinks and treats reserved for special events.

8.Encourage them to drink water

Replace soda or juice with water and make water their go-to drink. Sugary beverages leave teeth coated and ripe for decay. Also, when they are having a sweet drink, have them use a straw. This lessens their teeth’s exposure to sugar.

9.Encourage them to brush when away from home

Habituate your kids to brush after lunch at school. Ask your children to brush teeth when on a school trip away from home. A travel toothbrush must always be there in your child’s backpack. The habit may be challenging to develop but will go a long way in maintaining good dental health.

10.Reward healthy habits

Leave small gifts or tokens from the ‘tooth fairy’ now and then to reward your child for practising good oral health.

From brushing to flossing, children should be taught the right way to take care of their teeth and gums. What they learn as children and continue practising can benefit them their entire lifetime and protect them from many health problems.


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