Always have family marathons in the scheme of things read

Jul 27 2020


We all know how difficult it is to stay dedicated to a health agenda. We all want to improve ourselves, physically as well as mentally. To achieve our goals, we make plans and that even gives us a mental boost. But making plans and executing them even till half is tough. Take marathons, which is like an end-goal in the scheme of achieving physical fitness. As we start running and exercising regularly, we improve our stamina. Regular exercise is like a build up to participating in marathon. Now, while there are hacks to staying dedicated to regular exercise in preparing for marathons, one sure shot hack is making your goal your family’s goal.

Whether you are training for a race or marathon, involve your entire family and you win half the battle. Training for any such long-distance running requires a sizable involvement of time and tremendous effort. Even when training is mostly a solo affair, you can excel at it if you work out a team. And what’s better than a team dedicated to a common goal right in your home. By doing this, you enable physical and mental wellness for your children by showing them how to eat healthier as well. As a bonus, you spend a higher amount of time together and bond excellently as an entire family

Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Inform your near and dear ones about your goals- Share more information with your family members on your objectives and blueprints. Explain how this race will be mentally and physically testing the participants. Ensure that your family has an understanding of the time such a training requires and knows that you need their entire support till the end. 
  • Educate your kids about goal-setting- Training gives you ample scope to educate your kids about achieving personal goals. Help your children zero in on individual goals they care about and then work collaboratively in working out necessary steps towards achieving the same. Give them support in their endeavours and celebrate their milestones while on the journey. 
  • Always coordinate schedules and meeting points while running- Always encourage your loved ones who are not participating to integrate into the experience of marathon by getting them to volunteer for sports drinks/water duty on D-Day. Before D-Day, be clear about what the whole team is wearing for the team to be easily spotted amidst a crowd. 
  • The racing day should involve the whole family- Several events have things for all members of the family. Start with an initial 5K run which will let adults take part with youngsters and teenagers while enjoying the whole experience immensely as a unit. You can introduce running to your younger kids by integrating them into a race for children. 

Running can thus be a family affair. You get the support you want from people who are near and dear to you. You get to spend more time with your family, which can strongly improve your mental health. You bond with your children and parents like never before in a different setting and thus make memories for life. Hence, if you need support, wish to spend more time with your loved ones, and wish to bond well with your family while preparing for marathons, your solution can be sitting right in your home.