Golden Milk—Here is All You Need to Know About It read

Feb 03 2020


Have you ever heard of golden milk? Is it some new discovery in the food world or another name for mango lassi? Well, it's neither. You'll be surprised to know that golden milk is nothing but a western name for our very own 'Haldi Milk' or Turmeric Milk!

Here's all what you need to know about the turmeric milk:

The very fact that golden milk has been an age-old medicinal practice prescribed by Ayurveda is proof that its benefits are aplenty:

  • Its antiseptic and antibacterial feature makes it ideal to boost your immunity especially when you are sick
  • Turmeric and milk helps keep your liver healthy and toxin-free
  • During common cold and flu, it helps you get rid of the phlegm
  • It promotes digestion and curbs bloating of stomach
  • It helps you in attaining a flawless, acne-free, and glowing skin by purifying your blood with the help of its antioxidants
  • Milk contains a helpful amino acid—tryptophan—but without the help of turmeric, this vital amino acid cannot reach brain properly. The addition of turmeric in milk makes tryptophan more readily accessible to your body due to the presence of curcumin in turmeric. In short, nutrients are absorbed better by the body when turmeric and milk are taken together
  • The major turmeric milk benefits include it serving as an antidepressant, and curing insomnia (loss of sleep) and mood disorders

Here's how you can make the Haldi milk even healthier:

  • Golden milk tastes better with a little bit of sugar but is healthier without it
  • Using freshly grated and ground turmeric root is better than using turmeric powder. The latter is comparatively less potent due to it being exposed to heat or machine-generated grinding
  • For a glass of 220 ml of milk, one inch of fresh turmeric root or one teaspoon of turmeric powder is ideal. The turmeric needs to be added to boiling milk but after that it can be consumed either hot or cold
  • If you are using turmeric root, then the milk needs to be strained before consumption
  • If you have a sore throat, add half teaspoon of ghee to hot turmeric milk to soothe your throat and reduce coughing
  • For a vegan or lactose-free Haldi milk alternative, you can use almond milk or coconut milk

In short, Haldi milk makes you healthier and fitter, inside out. What more? You can also order a Turmeric Latte at Starbucks. After knowing these facts about turmeric milk, don't forget to indulge every day in the glass of good health. 

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