Living with Someone Who is COVID Positive? Here's What You Should Do! read

May 05 2021


Today, we live during a time that even a tiny innocent cough can send a tremor of fear and anxiety down our backs. We are dealing with a virus that feels like the common flu at first but can turn deadly if you do not take proper care. If you are COVID positive, it is a no-brainer that you have to take utmost care of yourself. But if you are taking care of a COVID positive person, there are certain things you can do to maintain a calm and positive environment to help recovery.

7 Things You Can Do if You Are Staying With a COVID Positive Patient

  • Have a ‘Sick’ Room and Bathroom

You should have a room and bathroom that is purely meant for the sick person to use. To control the risk of the virus spreading, avoid using anything in the room or that bathroom till the sick person is entirely okay. Even then, ensure that everything has been sanitized. You also have to make sure that the ‘sick’ room has a window so that the air keeps circulating.

  • Keep Them Comfortable and Entertained

The sick person will require a great deal of mental and physical support. Ensure that they are comfortable with enough pillows, blankets and cosy items. Also, have enough things to keep them entertained, such as books, magazines, art supplies, laptop, etc.

  • Keep Them Fed and Hydrated

Have a tray with a separate set of cutlery and crockery set aside for the sick person. Once you prepare the food, place it outside the door, let the sick person take it inside, eat, and put it outside the door. Ensure you wash all these vessels in hot water and keep it separate from the other crockery and cutlery. As a person living alongside the COVID positive patient, you have to ensure that the sick person is eating immunity-boosting foods and keeping themselves hydrated. Wear a mask over your mouth and if you go in the room and have them cover theirs too.

  • Track Symptoms

You will have to keep track of their saturation levels, temperature, dosage etc. The medication needs to be taken on time and note any change in their situation, good or bad. The person who is sick can feel overwhelmed or anxious at times, so you will have to talk to them through the process to maintain a calm and patient outlook towards the situation

  • Clean Everything

Arm yourself with sanitizers and disinfectants, and start cleaning every nook and corner of the house. Spray it down and wipe it all clean till every table, chair, doorknob, remote controls, cabinets, etc., are sparkling clean.

  • Stay in Touch Through Technology

Having just yourself to keep you company can get monotonous and dull. It may sound weird to some but technology is the key to keeping in touch, even if you are just a room away. Get on a video call with the sick person and maybe a few friends and family members to break the monotony and bring a smile on someone’s face.

  • Stay Home

While you may not be sick but you are caring for someone who is, it will be advisable to stay home. If need be, you can always have groceries and other items to be delivered to your doorstep.


If the situation turns dire and the person needs to be hospitalized, you should make sure you have a health insurance plan to deal with the hospitalization expenses. Insurance companies such as ManipalCigna provide health insurance plans which also cover hospitalisation due to Covid-19, suitable for individuals, groups and families.