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World Heart Day – 5 Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy read

Feb 16 2021


Your heart is the most hardworking part of your body. It beats about 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout the body every day. It is only fair that you make an effort to keep it young, happy and fit, right? Family health is essential and given how important is the heart, it is vital to keep the muscular organ healthy and happy. Small changes in your lifestyle can have a significant impact on your heart. On World Heart Day, we bring to you five ways you can stay hale and hearty, and keep your heart happy:

Dance it Out

You don’t have to be a trained or a professional dancer to groove to the music. Even with two left feet and stiff limbs, you can sway to the rhythm. While dancing, you have to give in and listen to your body, moving to the beats of the music. Dancing helps to calm down your nerves and gets your heart pumping. Before you know it, you will be dancing along to the music with a massive grin on your face. :)

Laughter Therapy

Laughter is the best medicine - it’s true! Particular research and studies suggest that laughing can lower stress hormones, decrease inflammation in arteries and raise your levels of high-density lipoprotein (HLD), commonly known as ‘good cholesterol’. You can get your daily dose of laughter from joining laughter groups, watching a comedy/stand-up comedy show or maybe reminisce about funny moments and incidents from the past. So, if you want to live a long and happy life, laugh!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

You must have heard of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. A healthy diet helps to keep your heart healthy and happy. Follow a balanced diet and avoid junk food as much as possible. Providing your body with essential nutrients every day will help your heart to stay fit as well as keep numerous heart diseases at bay. Green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries, whole grains and fish are very good.

Know Thy Numbers

Knowing your family history in heart diseases and keeping a tab on where you stand on blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels is a must. Go for regular check-ups and learn about the different ways you can incorporate much-needed changes in your lifestyle and diet. Have a chat with your family members to know what ailments and diseases each one has and if it can affect you too. These can vary depending on your gender and age but it is always better to know everything and be prepared about various possible scenarios.

Keep Moving

Just eating healthy is not enough; you need to exercise too. 30-45 minutes of exercising five times a week can help a lot. Stretch your legs and go for a walk, practice yoga or do moderate-intensity cardio exercises. The goal is to keep yourself physically active and fit. It will help to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check as well as burn all the excessive fat.

It is important to take care of your heart, not just for yourself but for family health too. For this reason getting health insurance is a smart choice.

Happy World Heart Day!



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