Heart Health Basics for People in Their 40s read

Dec 24 2020


Stress is a hurdle to overall healthcare. A stressful job, frenzied home life, monthly bills, managing finances, etc. take a toll on a person’s health. Although genetic factors play an important role in the development of cardiovascular diseases by forty, our chaotic lives act as a catalyst in the process.

Your heart health needs to be checked regularly in order to keep diseases at bay and add longevity to your life. You need to add heart healthy foods and do cardio exercises to ensure a healthy flow of blood to and from your heart.


The evolution of technology and our highly stressful yet inactive lives are putting us at greater risks of developing heart diseases as early as our forties. It is of foremost importance that we reduce risk factors of heart-related diseases and adopt a heart healthy lifestyle right now. You can start off by focusing on one thing at a time.

Here are a few easy tips for you to keep heart diseases at bay.


If you smoke, quit. If people around you smoke, encourage them to quit. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen your heart gets and increases your blood pressure. Clotting of blood becomes easier in a smoker, thus increasing his/her chances of a heart attack. Quitting smoking will not only help you achieve better health but also make you feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life.


Eat heart healthy food and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is best to avoid, or try and limit foods that contain saturated and trans-fats. The next time you are shopping for dinner, make sure you flip the product and read its nutritional facts.


Your heart is a muscle, and like all other muscles, it will get stronger if you exercise and lead a healthy life. We live in an industrialized, fast-paced life where vacations, family time, and life are put off for later. Despite the severe time crunch, it is important to inculcate exercise into your life. It could be aerobics twice a week, bursts of jogging to and from work, or a few simple stretches during the day.


Several studies have linked inadequate sleep with an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The more we age, the more we worry and the lesser we sleep. This needs to change with immediate effect. You could try simple methods of meditation to calm your mind before retiring for the night. Sleep hypnosis is another wonderful way of inducing a good night’s sleep and developing the ability to lucid dream.

It is improbable for us to be able to control the inevitable events of our lives. But to try and avoid a situation is a decision we can make. Heart diseases not only destroy the lives of those who suffer from them but take a toll on family caregivers. It is prudent to invest in a good HEALTH INSURANCE IN INDIA once you cross forty. This will cut down your medical costs and put your mind at ease.