5 Ways to Stay Positive During Coronavirus Lockdown


Aug 11 2020


Feeling blue lately? Understandable given you are at home all day long and must be experiencing cabin fever during the coronavirus lockdown. It’s great if you are taking all the precautions that have been adviced by the government and WHO. But are you well-protected? In case something was to happen to you or your family member, do you have a health insurance in place?

Having a health insurance today is more important than ever. It is like a safety net that takes care of you and your medical costs in case something unfortunate was to happen. ManipalCigna Health Insurance makes sure to place the customer at the centre and provide wellness programs for the all-rounded protection and improvement of their physical, emotional and financial well-being. Since they consider all-rounded wellness and development of their customers to be the topmost priority, ManipalCigna provides different plans and programs which make it convenient for a person to get health insurance - something that is much needed today in case you do fall sick.

One very important thing is to remember that this Covid-19 Coronavirus is covered under your existing policy. So, it works as a coronavirus health insurance.

Given that India is currently in a lockdown phase till 14 April, people are practicing social distancing and staying home. But being locked up at home can have its consequences on a person’s physical and mental being. Here are our suggestions for customers on how to stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown:

Yoga & Meditation
With tutorials on YouTube, apps such as Headspace that you can download or even ManipalCigna’s ProActiv Living wellness program, you can take up practices to stay calm and positive during the lockdown. Young adults and teenagers tend to suffer from anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there is pretty common. If you are unable or do not wish to talk to someone at the time, resort to practicing yoga or meditation. In the beginning, it may seem like it is not working but give it some time. In fact, these practices put your mind at ease and help you in getting a peaceful night of sleep.

Cooking can be really therapeutic. There is a scarcity of ingredients and supplies everywhere in the country so you will probably have to get creative what you have in the kitchen. Researching for easy-fix recipes can also help you figure out what ingredients are good for your health and immunity. May it be chopping the vegetables, enjoying the aroma of spices getting cooked or seeing the final result come together - the entire process can make you happy. With a little creativity and recipe searches on the Internet, you can come up with an incredibly delicious dish!
P.S. - don’t forget to clean up all the mess after you are done cooking! Sparkling clean kitchen counter tops can bring a smile on your face too.

Filter Social Media
There is a lot happening on social media. A constant surge of information (fake news, rumours and true) can prove to be incredibly overwhelming for all of us. Perhaps, one of the worst sources of information is WhatsApp where numerous forwards and assumptions make you believe in something that is far from reality. So, if you want to take a break from all of it, that’s perfectly fine. While in lockdown, filter or block out any sources that are spreading negative or fake news. In fact, go off the grid for an hour or two everyday if that makes you feel better!

Get Dressed
Quit sitting in your pj’s all day long -your favourite pair of jeans miss you! Believe us, getting dressed can really uplift your mood. Wearing a pretty top, putting on the shirt that gets you compliments, applying makeup or combing your hair to look super sleek - do whatever that brings a smile to your face. That little effort you make to shed your pajamas and wear casuals, can really help in maintaining a positive attitude during the coronavirus lockdown.

Get Some Exercise
Get up and get moving! There is no point in being a couch potato all day long, even if you are working from home. There are numerous workout routines that are available on the Internet depending on the level of difficulty and what part of your physique do you wish to focus on. Sweat out of your anxiety and restlessness with different exercises and by the end of the session, you will so happy and relaxed!

It is important that each of us pay attention to our health - mental and physical. ManipalCigna Health Insurance is always there to safeguard your health and provide insurance schemes that are well within your financial capacity and benefits your well-being. The home quarantine period is difficult, yes, but at the end of the day, it is for our safety. By putting these practices into action, you will feel so much happier and get through the rest of the days with a positive outlook!