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Features of the Best Family Health Insurance


Jul 27 2020


Healthcare is vital for everyone in the family, and unfortunately, it is not given as much attention. While we all wish for a healthy life, health problems keep popping up. Along with bringing pain and suffering, they might also put the family under financial stress. Healthcare costs are rising, and it can be difficult for families without a proper safety net to avail the best medical care at their disposal.

It is always essential to buy health insurance to help bear the cost of medical costs for you and your family. Several health insurance plans are available in the country and to make an informed decision, you should be aware of the essential features to look for while buying the best health insurance plan for your family.

Importance of Family Health Insurance

Health insurance awareness has grown in the country, primarily due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Still, the awareness about what kind of health insurance to buy, what features to look for in a health insurance plan, etc., is low.

You can never predict when a medical emergency can hit you or your family member. With the lifestyle changes that induce stress and continuous environmental degradation, we are prone to catch diseases. Again, the cost of healthcare services is on the rise.

So, when you know that there is a high probability that at some point in your life, someone from your family is bound to require the best medical care, why not plan and select the best health insurance plan for your family? Below are the features you must look for in your family health insurance plan.

Salient Features of the Best Health Insurance Plans in India for the Family

If you are buying a family health insurance plan, you must know the following health insurance terms and the features they offer :

    1. Health Coverage

When you are selecting a family health insurance in India, it is of utmost importance to check the diseases covered under the plan as well as the inclusion of pregnancy or day-care expenses. Also, check whether post & pre-hospitalization expenses, ambulance expenses, and other medical expenses are included or not. A good health insurance plan will have most of it covered under the plan or offer rider options to add to your policy.

    2. Maximum Age for Renewability

As per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) rules and regulations, all insurance providers must offer coverage under a health policy up to the age of 65. However, topping that, some of India’s reliable and best health insurance plans provide life cover to their buyers. So, while buying a health insurance plan, make sure you thoroughly check the maximum age for renewability. Also, ensure that it can be extended when you and your family members would have a higher chance of developing health problems with growing age.

    3. Sum Insured

The cost of living keeps on rising, and the Best Health insurance for a family in India must offer you the coverage that helps you keep pace with rising medical costs. The best health insurance plans offer you a gradual increase in the sum insured with time.

    4. Claim Reimbursement Process

The best family health insurance plans in India have a dedicated team to take care of the claim settlement process. Also, thoroughly read the policy document to ensure you get covered with the best plan that has the easiest and fastest health insurance claim settlement process.

    5. Cashless and Planned Hospitalization

You can enjoy cashless hospitalization benefits even under health insurance plans for a family. So, check whether there is such a provision in the plan that you are considering buying. If there is a planned hospitalization, you must be able to get the benefit after duly intimating the Third-Party Administrator.

These are some of the essential features of health insurance plans for a family in India must-have. Check every detail to make sure you buy the best health insurance plan for you and your family.