How Does Your Health Insurance Help if You Have Coronavirus?


Aug 11 2020


The world is fighting against something that cannot be seen or touched. In fact, a person will not even realise he/she has been infected until much later since the virus has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. But in case something happens to you or your loved one, what will you do? That is why a health insurance is much required today.


Firstly, what is a health insurance? A health insurance basically is a safety net of sorts that takes care of medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses incurred by the insured. Basically, a health insurance will reimburse the insured for hospital or medical treatments rising from an illness or injury or the pay the care provider directly.


Also, a health insurance is actually very different from a mediclaim. Unlike the latter, the former is more comprehensive and complete. A mediclaim restricts itself to just hospitalization charges while a health insurance takes care of pre and post-hospitalization expenses, including ambulance charges and in some cases, providing a certain percentage as compensation for loss of income during hospitalization period.


Today, everything is expensive including getting healthcare. What’s more, getting access to good healthcare is very difficult. In India, only a small percentage of the population can really afford healthcare. A health insurance is important since it takes care of medical costs, treatments, expenses incurred due to critical illnesses and of course, hospitalization charges.


Now that you have an idea of what a health insurance is, let’s get on to how it will help you tackle the novel coronavirus. It is a genuine concern of many who have a health insurance if their policy covers hospitalization expenses incurred due to the pandemic disease. Most companies providing health insurance will be covering charges rising and related to coronavirus. Nevertheless, you must make sure to confirm this with the insurer.


At ManipalCigna Health Insurance, it has always been an earnest endeavour to lend a helping hand to customers to the best of our abilities. May it be emotional, physical or financial well-being, ManipalCigna is there to guide you onto a path that benefits you in the short and long run.


When it comes to dealing with coronavirus, you need not worry. Since COVID-19 is a relatively new disease and does not get classified as a pre-existing ailment, it will be covered under your base insurance policy. In fact, at ManipalCigna Health Insurance, all viral infections such as Ebola, H1N and now COVID-19 do not get categorised as pre-existing ailments so no waiting period needs to be implied before the insurance kicks in.


In case of an emergency hospitalization, ManipalCigna Health Insurance provides the option of cashless claim for a hassle-free experience for you and your family. If you have been looking to renew your policy plan or purchase a new one, please do it as soon as possible because time is of the essence.


Since there is currently no vaccine available, the best course of action is to take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Keep your immediate surroundings clean and sanitized, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Make sure to keep that as your primary plan of action while your secondary plan is to have a health insurance policy in place in case someone is tested positive. Stay home, stay safe!


ManipalCigna Health Insurance is always there to help. For any doubts/questions regarding coronavirus insurance claim related queries/other queries on your insurance claims, please do get in touch at 1800-419-1159.