Introducing ManipalCigna Prime Senior


Jan 06 2023


Health Insurance is not a want; it’s a need. You might not feel like having one right now due to many reasons, but one hefty bill is enough to prove that wrong. Medical expenses often come uninvited and when they do, they take away a huge chunk of your family savings. That is why a complete comprehensive plan is a must.

A Health Insurance plan not just protects you in your present but also safeguards your future. Because as you get old, your medical expenses start piling up, and due to the development of various medical conditions you are going to need your policy the most in your sunset years.

But what about your parents if they happen to be in their golden years? What if they’re not covered in your family floater plan? Or they forgot to renew their policy? Can you still do something to safeguard them?

Well, the answer is YES! But getting insurance for seniors is not easy.

As mentioned above, many elders tend to have some underlying medical condition that can be the cause of their early claim. And that’s why companies often develop strict onboarding conditions or the waiting periods for pre-existing diseases are longer. You’ll also notice various limitations like co-pay, sub-limits, etc, and many missing features in such plans for seniors. That’s not all, often the premium prices for senior plans are higher, too!

So is there a solution for this? Is there a Healthcare plan that’s comprehensive and provides a better experience to senior citizens?

Making HealthCare Experience Better for Senior Citizens

Specialized Senior Citizen, a plan designed to make the golden years glow. This plan has been curated by experts, keeping the Senior Citizens in mind. This is a completed product that will cater only to seniors starting from the age of 56 years.

This plan has two variants designed to provide comprehensive care with the value of money:

ManipalCigna Prime Senior Classic, a plan that offers coverage for a wide range of benefits for the elderly who are seeking all-inclusive comprehensive plans yet value-for-money, benefiting Senior Citizens in their illness and wellness, and which won't burn a hole in their pocket.

ManipalCigna Prime Senior Elite, an enriched plan that improves the advantages offered by the Classic plan and offers a variety of extra features to ensure that seniors receive the most coverage for their money.

With this plan, we aim to transform the Healthcare landscape for senior citizens by giving them an overall enhanced experience.

Here’s how.

Experience Better Coverage

  • Room category flexibility without proportionate deductions; get any available room and charged only for the additional difference pertaining to the difference in the room rent. No proportionate deductions on doctor visits, nursing expenses, and more.
  • No mandatory pre-policy medical check-up, which means simple and easier onboarding for your parents.
  • No co-payments and sub-limits – we take care of all the promised medical expenses, so you can focus on your parents’ recovery without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses.

Experience Better Control

  • Option to reduce waiting period even for Pre-Existing Diseases.
  • Easy premium management by adding a wide range of deductible options.
  • The benefit of cumulative bonus, get a cumulative bonus at the rate of 10% of your sum insured.

Experience Better Care

  • Keep a tab on their health with free preventive annual health check-ups from day one.
  • Talk to our doctors with unlimited teleconsultation, even the specialists, via chat or call.
  • Discounts on facilities provided by network partners - Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Health Supplements, and other services.

ManipalCigna Prime Senior is specialized for the age slab of 56 and above because that’s when you need medical care the most. When ailments and illnesses come knocking, a smooth experience can make all the difference. It can make the treatment better are recovery faster. So don’t just opt for any Health Insurance plan, get a HealthCare plan that gives you a better experience.

Get ManipalCigna Prime Senior today!