ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime: Comprehensive Medical Protection


Apr 17 2023


ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime: All your medical investment needs now just a click away

A health insurance that protects your present and accumulates enough for those unforeseen circumstances. ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime is a complete healthcare plan which provides great coverage within your budget.

The ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime provides you with three options - Protect, Advantage and Active. The product is not just limited to these three options, but you can also customise your coverage with optional packages and covers.

What makes ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime Plan so unique?

The medical diaspora is an expensive one. Most health insurance plans in the country can guarantee many things while doing the paperwork, but they fall flat when the emergency arises. The ProHealth Prime plan is unique that way with round the clock consultation services.

Let us understand the advantages of this plan in details:

  1. Cashless OPD coverage from a wide network of doctors, diagnostic centres and pharmacy
  2. Covers all non-medical expenses which are generally not covered in most of the insurance plans
  3. Provides you with an advantage to avail treatment in any room of your choice including suite or even higher category room.
  4. Unlimited sum insured restoration:
    If opting for the ProHealth Prime plan, it is ensured that your sum insured for the year can accommodate any number of claims within the same policy year. It allows unlimited sum insured restorations even for the same illness, which means your sum insured gets a refill if sum insured left is insufficient to pay next claim.
  5. Premium waiver benefit:
    The plan covers a lot of other tools to deal with any contingency (which is enlisted in your plan), where the premium for the next renewal year's coverage can get waived off under the said terms and conditions.
  6. Second opinion and teleconsultations:
    Guidance and consultation are another brilliant addition here. You can always avail a domestic second opinion on all the 36 types of medical conditions, critical and regular, the plan covers. These consultations are with specialists and can be accessed even via app.
  7. Switch your health plan “off”:
    The ProHealth Prime plan offers a unique 'switch off' feature where you can halt your coverage for upto 30 days when you are travelling out of India. That doesn't mean your policy has lapsed. It's just a temporary arrangement which is a rare benefit any health insurance forum provides. If you choose the 'switch off' option, you also receive a discount on the premium when renewing the policy.
  8. Coverage for the people suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Obesity and Asthma and that too immediately after 90 days without any long PED waiting period.
  9. Optional packages:
    The optional packages are where you can accumulate all the benefits of various covers into one. You do not have to break the bank to get the medical expenses covered here.

Now that we have had understood the gist of all the benefits of what the plan offers overall, let's shift focus to the three variants - their benefits, limitations and who should opt for what programme under the ProHealth Prime plan:

1. Active plan

This plan is the specialized offering, for an individual (not a family floater coverage), which offers a sum insured upto Rs. 15 lakh and basic coverage benefits, which include only a 90-day pre-existing waiting period for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, obesity and dyslipidaemia. It's again rare to find such an option since PED waiting periods for such conditions generally range from 2 years to 4 years.

Other benefits include short waiting period of 24 months for other pre-existing. It also provides convalescence benefit of Rs. 30,000 if you opt for a sum insured amounting to Rs. 5 lakh and above given the condition that you have been hospitalised for atleast 10 days and more.

For you to enroll under this plan, you have to adhere to some rules and regulations, which you must enquire before opting for the variant. The Active variant has a Single Private Room category for sum insured 5 lacs and above, However, the same is capped if the sum insured is below Rs. 5 lakh. The sum insured restoration is available for unrelated medical conditions. The plan comes with expert managed wellness program to keep you in control of your health. However, you may replace this with free health check-up once every three years.

Who is the ProHealth Prime Active Plan suitable for?

The Active variant of the ProHealth Prime is good if you are an individual and suffering from any of the below listed conditions:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Hypertension
  3. Dyslipidemia
  4. Obesity
  5. Asthma

and are looking for an instant cum affordable coverage. The plan is also feasible for people who are looking for shorter waiting periods for above listed chronic conditions.

 1. Advantage Plan

This Advantage variant is a notch higher than the Active plan as it offers unlimited restoration, even for related medical conditions, coverage of OPD expenses via Cashless OPD cover, two optional packages to choose from (including maternity and newborn coverage). Here you have the advantage of opting for a family floater. There are multiple optional coverage facilities, which can be customised.

Another important feature of this plan is its worldwide emergency cover during any emergency and accidental hospitalisation under the optional package while you are travelling abroad.

Who is the ProHealth Prime Advantage Plan suitable for?

You can opt for this variant, if want a complete healthcare cover covering you not just for hospitalization expenses but also your day to day OPD expenses

2.  Protect Plan

The Protect variant is available in the ProHealth Prime plan for those who do not require OPD cover. It offers the maximum possible coverage benefits with almost no restrictions.

Here, you will have three optional packages to choose from, where you can include maternity and newborn cover with the available packages. When customising, there will be six optional coverage benefits to choose from.

The only limitations here are that OPD coverage is unavailable here for which one can choose Advantage Plan. Also, the pre-existing waiting period is 24 months for sum insured 7.5 lacs and above and 36 months for sum insured 5 lacs and below.

Who is the ProHealth Prime Protect Plan suitable for?

The plan gives you a lot of facilities and you have a lot of options to choose from when customising. You should consider this plan if you are looking for the most inclusivity where coverage is concerned.

In a nutshell:

Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime is quite easy to understand and offers some rare benefits in the country including worldwide coverage. Now, it is your turn to review your finances and invest in a good plan for yourself and your family. The helpline is always there with a quick turnaround time. The interface is also user-friendly where you do not have to keep arguing over cashless transactions in our enlisted medical institutions. Reimbursements are also hassle-free and sorted.

Most corporate organizations also opt for these plans for their employee insurance facilities as they are easier to process and navigate.

This plan promises, protects and prioritises your needs with enough flexibility. Your options are just a click away.