ManipalCigna Super Top Up: Get Enhanced Health Insurance Coverage


Apr 17 2023


Boost Your Healthcare Coverage with ManipalCigna Super Top Up

With medical inflation in India soaring to 14% in 2021, it is essential to upgrade your health insurance coverage (Source: Times of India). Healthcare needs to evolve constantly. Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario? How will you cope if the sum insured on your standard health insurance policy falls short? What you need is a backup plan like ManipalCigna Super Top Up.

The ManipalCigna Super Top Up is an affordable way to ‘top up’ your health insurance coverage. The plan features two variants: Super Top Up Plus and Super Top Up Select. Both variants are designed to extend your health insurance coverage so that you and your dear ones are protected through all medical contingencies.

Super Top Up enhances your health insurance coverage:

Health insurance is all about protecting your finances while seeking hospitalisation and various forms of medical care. The ManipalCigna Super Top Up plan takes things one step further. If you exhaust your basic health insurance coverage, the Super Top Up kicks into gear. With this plan by your side, you will never run out of insurance coverage.

1. More coverage without breaking the bank:

Raising the sum insured on your base policy can sometimes be an expensive affair. The Super Top Up plan allows you to increase your sum insured by Rs 1 lakh to Rs 30 lakh at a more affordable price point. For example, a Rs 10 lakh super top up cover with a Rs 5.5 lakh deductible may charge well under Rs 2,000 as the annual premium. There’s also the added benefit of lifetime renewals, and the plan pays for some non-medical expenses as well.

2. An annual bonus to guard against inflation:

Inflation can do a number on your finances at any time, no matter how carefully you plan. Fortunately, the Super Top Up plan features a 5% cumulative bonus that increases the sum insured over time. You get to accumulate a higher premium without additional premium loading.

Other insurance plans offer an annual bonus only in claim-free years. But the Super Top Up from ManipalCigna guarantees the 5% bonus every single year. You could accumulate up to 50% of your original insured over time. Wait long enough, and a sum insured of Rs 30 lakh could grow to a whopping Rs 45 lakh.

3. Pocket-friendly options for premium payments:

Super Top Up is already a cost-effective choice. A series of discounts on the premium make the plan even more attractive:

  • Getting coverage for two or more family members under the same policy fetches a 10% discount.
  • There’s a 7.5% long-term policy discount if you pay the premiums for two years in one go. The discount goes up to 10% if you cover the premiums for three years in a single payment.
  • Paying the premiums online through auto-debit options fetches an additional discount of 3%.
  • A 10% premium discount is offered on policies purchased through a worksite marketing channel.


4. Freedom to select any hospital room:

Too many policies have caps on hospital room rent coverage, but not Super Top Up. This specially designed protection solution has zero restrictions on room rent. That means you get to pick any hospital room while taking admission, so long as the hospitalisation lasts for at least 24 hours.

5. Benefits for alternative in-patient treatments:

If alternative medicine suits you better, the Super Top Up plan offers coverage for in-patient care related to Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatments. Just make sure to get treated at an AYUSH hospital that has the necessary government credentials.

Coverage up to the sum insured is available for AYUSH treatments so long as these are deemed medically necessary. Beauty treatments or detox and rejuvenation programmes are not on the list.

6. Customizations galore through optional covers

The Super Top Up plan is already enlarging your health insurance coverage. But you can level it up further. Add on some optional covers to give your Super Top Up policy an even bigger boost.

  • Guaranteed continuity benefit on the deductible:

    If you opt for this cover, an attractive benefit awaits you from the fifth policy year. At that time, you will have the option to buy a new base policy and enjoy guaranteed continuity of the waiting period.

    How would this work? Say, you have crossed the waiting period for certain specified illnesses under the Super Top Up plan. When you choose this cover and then buy the new base policy from the fifth year, you won’t need to go through the same waiting period all over again.

    There won’t be any fresh risk assessment up to the deductible of your Super Top Up policy. However, if your new base plan has a higher deductible, the additional sum insured will be subject to the usual waiting periods and risk assessments.


  • Lower waiting period for pre-existing diseases:

    The Super Top Up plan has a waiting period of 48 months for all pre-existing diseases. But you could bring this down to just 24 months by purchasing an add-on cover. This involves only a one-time payment of an additional premium, and the coverage applies to everyone covered under the policy.


  • Add-on critical illness rider:

    Since you are expanding your health insurance coverage, consider getting critical illness cover as well. You could get it as an add-on rider with your Super Top Up policy. All you have to do is pay an additional premium at the time of purchase.

    The critical illness rider pays up to 100% of the sum insured as a lump sum the first time that the insured is diagnosed with a specified critical illness. This is a one-time payment, and the rider covers up to 11 critical illnesses.

Know your options with ManipalCigna Super Top Up:

The Super Top Up policy from ManipalCigna offers coverage of up to Rs 30 lakh. Although the two policy variants on offer are similar, there are one or two important distinctions. Understanding exactly how the two variants are designed could help you decide between them.

1. Super Top Up Plus:

This is the basic variant under the Super Top Up umbrella. Super Top Up Plus offers a wide range of sum insured options, going from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 30 lakh. Buyers can also choose deductibles ranging from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

Let’s unpack how this works:

When you opt for the Super Top Up Plus, you basically choose a deductible and a sum insured from the available options. Suppose you get a plan with a deductible of Rs 5.5 lakh and a sum insured of Rs 10 lakh. In this case, coverage for the Super Top Up policy will kick in as soon as your hospital bills hit the Rs 5.5 lakh deductible limit.

Policyholders get a host of benefits with this plan. They can smoothly access cashless treatment at more than 6,500 network hospitals. Apart from hospitalisation expenses for stays above 24 hours, the Plus variant covers pre-hospitalization medical costs for up to 60 days and post-hospitalization costs for up to 90 days. There is also coverage for day care treatments undertaken in a hospital, nursing home, or day care centre. However, the coverage does not extend to procedures undertaken in the outpatient department.

Ambulance costs are covered in an emergency and if deemed medically necessary. Super Top Up Plus also covers the in-patient hospitalisation of the donor in case of major organ transplants.

Who should choose Super Top Up Plus?

Anyone who is looking to stretch their health insurance coverage on a budget can choose Super Top Up Plus. The variant is available as individual and family floater policies, which means it works for singles, couples, and families with kids and senior citizens.

2. Super Top Up Select:

Super Top Up Select has all the benefits offered by the Plus variant and then some. The Select variant throws in a few extra options, which may explain why the premium for a Select plan is marginally higher than for the Plus variant.

For starters, Super Top Up Select offers sum insured options starting from Rs 1 lakh and going up to Rs 30 lakh. The deductible options also start from Rs 1 lakh and extend to Rs 10 lakh. In comparison, there is nothing under Rs 3 lakh within the Plus variant. From that perspective, Select has more budget options for policy buyers.

Furthermore, some of the deductible ranges are lower vis-à-vis the sum insured options. For example, a sum insured of Rs 10 lakh comes with a deductible of Rs 5 lakh or Rs 5.5 lakh under Plus. But under Select, the same sum insured could be matched with a lower deductible of Rs 3 lakh or Rs 3.5 lakh. There are also more combinations that policy buyers may consider under the Select variant.

Who should choose Super Top Up Select?

Super Top Up Select is a better choice for affinity/group policy buyers who want a small top of less than Rs 3 lakh. It also works out for those who don’t mind paying a slightly higher premium for a wider range of options.

Summing up:

The ManipalCigna Super Top Up plan is specially designed to back you up when your base health insurance policy is not enough. This affordable plan can be handy financial support if you require frequent in-hospital treatment. Given that medical costs are on the rise, the Super Top Up can be an extra financial safeguard.

Once you make your selection, the purchase process is simple. ManipalCigna has an easy-to-use website and health relationship managers who are always on hand to answer your queries. Later, when you need hospitalisation or wish to file a claim, a single point of contact ensures that you have timely access to the right information. With its online and offline channels, ManipalCigna ensures a smooth and pleasant customer journey at every stage.