These FAQs Will Help You Know About Mediclaim Premium Calculator


Jul 27 2020


What is the Mediclaim premium?

Nothing precious in this world comes free of cost. An insurance premium is a specific amount you have to pay the insurer periodically to avail of medical coverage.

What is the Mediclaim premium calculator?

A Mediclaim premium calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the premium you will be required to pay towards a particular plan. It performs these calculations based on several complex variables such as sum assured, your age, income, etc. and then determines a premium amount.

Benefits of the Mediclaim premium calculator

The health insurance premiums are dynamic for everyone. Furthermore, they differ from insurer to insurer based on the features you opt for. In such a scenario, a health insurance premium calculator comes to your aid. The following are the crucial details you need to know.

  • It provides you with an estimate of the expected premium you will be paying.
  • It makes it easy for you to compare different plans, and then make an informed decision.
  • It allows you to tailor your policy more flexible, adding on or removing riders based on your requirements.
  • It saves you time, money, and effort as you don’t need to go for in-person consultations with insurance company personnel. You can make your decision at your convenience without being influenced by the insurance agents’ marketing strategies.

How is the premium calculated?

A Mediclaim premium calculator considers a wide range of factors. Every company also has some company-specific parameters for determining the premium. Here’s a broad set of guidelines that most providers follow.

  • Policy underwriting- Insurance products are underwritten after analyzing risk from different angles and considering several factors. The premium amount is determined based on the level of risk you pose for the insurer.
  • Age- One of the crucial factors which cannot be overlooked. Along with increasing age, we all are exposed to multiple illnesses and diseases. If you are young, your immune system is strong enough to tackle health-related issues. This is where the insurer analyses the associated risks, which further helps in calculating premiums.
  • Personal history- Insurance companies consider the customer’s current health, family history, and personal habits such as smoking and drinking. People with existing health issues or problematic histories, as well as those with unhealthy lifestyle habits, are charged higher premiums.
  • Modified Community Rating- Modified community rating considers factors such as geographical location, political stability, and economic development of the given area.

How to use Mediclaim premium calculators?

Most insurance providers have designed intuitive, user-friendly calculators of their own, based on the factors they use to calculate premiums. You need to enter the necessary personal details for the person/s you wish to purchase the policy. Complex calculations are performed in seconds, and you are presented with quotes that help you compare and choose from a range of premium health insurance policies ideal for you.