Celebrate World Health Day with ManipalCigna Health Insurance


Apr 06 2023


It's no secret that our busy modern lifestyle can make it challenging to prioritize our health. We often find ourselves caught up in the daily grind, juggling work, family and personal commitments, leaving little time to focus on ourselves. To drive the importance of prioritizing health, ManipalCigna Health Insurance organised a series of social media challenges over the 3 days leading up to World Health Day. From planking to staying hydrated and sharing healthy recipes, these challenges encouraged people and showed that building a healthier routine does not have to be a daunting task.

The interaction with the challenges makes it clear that small changes can go a long way in improving our overall health and well-being. It is time we understand the significance of the lifestyle choices we make and how those choices impact our health.

Health on the back burner

The always-on-the-go lifestyle has led to a drastic decline in health. The pressures and demands of life can keep us from making the best decisions for our health:

  • Not exercising enough is one of them. This can cause obesity, weaker bones and muscles and poor blood circulation.
  • An increase in stress levels can cause mental health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Chronic sleep deprivation is now a national epidemic.
  • Lack of nutrition comes from the quality of food and not quantity. Taking into account the value our diet is adding to your health should be a conscious action.
  • Poor sleep leads to various mental and physical health issues. Another major factor affecting our health is incorrect and insufficient nutrition.

Mind over matter

Improving our health is about making conscious decisions that help balance activity, nutrition, socialization and rest. These decisions can encompass various small and large aspects of our lives. Taking up other fun challenges like Pilates, flying yoga, or Tai Chi and making them a part of our lifestyle is about a shift in perspective. We can include periodically drinking electrolyte water and energy drinks to stay hydrated beyond Day 2's challenge. Additionally, we must be conscious about the food we eat and take vitamin supplements to boost immunity, especially in this season when the flu is on the rise.

Mindful choices

Our fast-paced lifestyle has got us to neglect our well-being, but we can change this. ManipalCigna Health Insurance's social media challenges are an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to prioritise their health. By making proactive choices, we can improve our health without compromising our lifestyle and schedule. A little challenge is a way to shake up the perspective on the ease of healthy living.