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First-aid for Cuts and Burns  read

Feb 08 2021


First-aid, as the name suggests, is the first thing you do after suffering an injury. It is not a form of treatment; it is damage control. Before you understand what a first aid kit includes, it is crucial to know the different kind of injuries and accidents it tends to. An injury can take place any day, any time. For this reason, it is essential to keep a first aid kid handy that acts as your primary and immediate mode of damage control. Here are a few first aid techniques classified according to the level of injuries. But before scrolling down, remember, prevention is better than cure!


Any injury that involves bleeding or scalding, but does not cause permanent damage, is defined as a minor cut or a burn. These injuries are superficial and take three to six days to heal.  Apply an antiseptic, use a sterile (and fresh) bandage to cover the burn or cut and finally take a tetanus vaccination, if required.


A laceration is an injury to the skin which results in the skin being cut or torn open. An abrasion is a type of wound in which the skin gets scraped or rubbed off. Burns that extend to the middle skin layer or dermis are called Second Degree Burns. In the case of lacerations and abrasions, apply direct pressure with a clean dressing to stop bleeding and then get the dressing done by your nearest physician.


In the case of a Third Degree Burn, damage occurs to all the three layers of skin, destroying adjacent hair follicles, sweat glands and nerve endings. The symptoms may worsen with time. These kinds of burns require immediate hospitalization.


Home kitchens are fraught with equal potential of danger as the ones in restaurants. If it is a minor burn from steam or hot liquids, hold the scalded skin under cool, running tap water, and keep it there for at least 15 minutes until the pain subsides. Applying aloe vera on the affected area soothes the pain to a great extent. If it’s an injury caused by a kitchen knife, make sure to run the injured spot under cool water and apply slight pressure to stop the bleeding. Make sure the injured part is dry before applying an antibacterial ointment.


If you have a first aid kit at home, there should be one at your workplace too. Moreover, it is important to ensure that potential dangers get addressed and a safe work culture gets implemented. In case of both, major and minor injuries, it is important to adhere to the same first-aid rules for damage control.


First aid involves many aspects of medical emergencies. Basic first-aid skills have saved many people in many situations. Cuts and burns can be of the first, second or third degree. It is essential to have some know-how on the ways to take care of them. Safety, like all other habits, begins at home. Create an Accident Safety Plan and involve all your family members in it. Invest in a good MEDICAL INSURANCE in India. Most insurances cover accidents which can ease your financial burden if you are recuperating from home or workplace-related injury.




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