ManipalCigna LifeTime Insurance: Secure Your Health, Anywhere


Apr 17 2023


ManipalCigna LifeTime Health: Insurance for All Medical Eventualities in India and Abroad

One thing you should never do is compromise on health. Medical care can be expensive, but a well-rounded health insurance plan like ManipalCigna LifeTime Health will always have your back. Whether you need surgery, chemotherapy, or mental healthcare, the Lifetime Health plan is a comprehensive risk protection product that can tide you over every medical contingency.

ManipalCigna LifeTime Health comes in two powerful variations: the India Plan for domestic coverage and the Global Plan for coverage no matter where you are in the world. Whichever variant you end up choosing, LifeTimeHealth guarantees worry-free health insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones.

Why ManipalCigna LifeTime Health?

Too many health insurance products feature more exclusions than actual coverage. Not so with ManipalCigna LifeTime Health. Here is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers all-round protection and always puts your health first.

  • Zero compromises on protection:

The focus is on health insurance for every stage of your life. With this in mind, LifeTime Health brings a high sum insured, ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 3 crore. No matter what the emergency, you should never run out of coverage. Adding further value to the policy is the absence of a long list of exclusions. Even pre-existing medical conditions and specific ailments are covered after a nominal waiting period of 24 months.

  • All the health coverage you need:

Besides essential coverage benefits for hospitalisation, domiciliary care, and daycare treatments, LifeTime Health throws in attractive extras as well. When the time comes, you can file claims for expenses related to specialized procedures such as robotic and cyber knife surgery, as well as for other modern and advanced treatments. All that matters is for the doctor to consider them necessary.

The LifeTime Health plan also includes protection for medical issues that are mostly ignored by standard health insurance products. Even the base plan ensures financial coverage should you need mental health care during a hospital stay. Policyholders also get coverage for HIV, AIDs, and sexually transmitted diseases, all of which are excluded from standard healthcare plans.

  • Personalisation via optional packages:

The basic LifeTime Health plan covers all the essentials, but maybe you need more from your health insurance policy. No problem! Three super-charged optional packages will take the policy to the next level.

    • Health+: This optional package offers a slew of additional benefits, including coverage for medical devices, second opinions, teleconsultation, air ambulance charges, and domestic concierge services. Also covered are bariatric surgery and hospital cash in case of hospitalisation due to critical illness, an accident, or chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    • Women+: Offered to women and girls over 12 years of age, the Women+ package provides essential benefits relating to gynaecological care. It includes annual age-appropriate screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and osteoporosis. Also provided is coverage for the cervical cancer vaccine and outpatient consultations with gynaecologists and mental health practitioners.
    • Global+: Available under the LifeTime Health Global Plan, this option packs in additional benefits for when you need to be hospitalised outside India. You get daily cash benefits in case of standard hospitalisation for any of the covered conditions, as well as during chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions availed outside India. Outpatient expenses and second opinions are covered, and the package pays a lump sum after 15+ days of hospitalisation abroad for major illness.


Finally, payment of additional premium fetches an add-on critical illness cover. The add-on rider pays out a lump sum the first time the insured is diagnosed with a specified critical illness.

  • Attractive discounts for policy buyers:

Renewal season brings a series of discounts. There’s a 5% loyalty discount on the renewal premium effective from the fourth to the seventh policy year. Then, from the eighth policy year onwards, to reward your continued loyalty, the yearly discount is hiked to 10% and shall be applicable throughout your life. Apart from this, you get an additional 3% off in case of online renewals through NACH or standing instruction.

That’s not all! Policy buyers receive long-term discounts of 7.5% and 10%, respectively, on paying two-year and three-year premiums at a go. Plus, there is a 15% discount if you cover two or more family members under the same policy.

  • 100% sum insured restoration when you need it:

Multiple hospitalisations in one year can erode your coverage. But when you sign up for LifeTime Health, running out of protection is not a concern. That’s because the entire sum insured is restored an unlimited number of times to help with the costs of any unrelated illness or injury. The caveat is that the restored sum can only be used for medical expenses incurred within India.

  • Premium waiver for a full policy year:

Some unforeseen events can knock the wind out of your sails. Permanent disablement, death, or a critical illness diagnosis can be hard on your loved ones, and it can set you back financially. This is hardly the time to be without health insurance, which is why the LifeTime Health plan offers a one-year premium waiver. To support you through this crisis, the policy pays the premium for a full year.

The right ManipalCigna Lifetime Health plan for your needs

With sum insured options ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 3 crore, the ManipalCigna LifeTime Health plan is designed to keep you healthy and financially secure over the long term. Just as importantly, the policy comes with two robust variants to ensure there are no gaps in your medical coverage.

A: LifeTime Health – India Plan

The goal of the India Plan is to prepare you for every major health eventuality. Coverage is available for expenses incurred within India for hospitalisation, pre-hospitalization of up to 60 days, and post-hospitalization of up to 180 days. Furthermore, while other plans offer coverage for only a specified number of daycare procedures, the India Plan covers all daycare procedures accessed within the country.

There is in-patient coverage for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatments. Any ambulance charges and donor expenses are covered up to the sum insured. And policyholders with a sum insured of Rs 3 crore are free to choose any hospital room, including the suite, while undergoing treatment in India.

To elevate the coverage, simply add the optional Health+ and Woman+ packages. The former enhances protection through daily cash benefits, along with coverage for medical devices, second opinions, teleconsultation, and more. The latter is a specialized package for women that includes regular screenings and consultations. Bear in mind that these are optional packages and not standalone policies.

Who should get the LifeTime Health – India Plan?

This plan is intended for individuals, couples, and families who desire maximum coverage for all health eventualities within India. Optional packages fill in the gaps, creating a comprehensive protection plan that ticks all the boxes and provides value for money with peace of mind to the customers.

B: LifeTime Health – Global Plan

This variant under the LifeTime Health umbrella is a heavy-duty performer. The Global Plan provides not one but two separate sum insureds—one for medical expenses incurred within India and the other for medical expenses incurred while travelling abroad.

Say you purchased a Rs 3 crore policy. That gives you a Rs 3 crore sum insured for domestic healthcare bills and a separate Rs 3 crore sum insured for medical expenses incurred during a stay abroad. Notably, the Rs 3 crore plan also eliminates caps on room rent. You could pick any room, including a suite, during a stay in the hospital.

Besides the coverage provided under the base plan, the Global Plan offers additional benefits to customers who have aspirations to avail of treatment outside India. These include worldwide coverage for hospitalisation caused by up to 27 major illnesses, pre-hospitalization for up to 60 days, post-hospitalization for up to 180 days, and ambulance cover.

Also in the mix is coverage for global medical evacuation, medical repatriation, and repatriation of mortal remains as per the policy terms. The Global Plan also covers mandatory travel vaccinations once a policy year for each insured person.

As with the India Plan, policyholders can upgrade their policies by adding the Health+ and Women+ deals. But the Global Plan comes with an extra option, too—the Global+ package. This adds another layer of international protection through daily cash benefits, as well as coverage for outpatient costs, second opinion charges, and travel expenses. 

Who should get the LifeTime Health – Global Plan?

This plan works well for singles, couples, and families that spend their time in India and abroad. Frequent fliers can get really up their insurance game with the Global Plan and its customisation options.


The ManipalCigna LifeTime Health plan is an expansive medical insurance plan. Thanks to the large sum insured and wide-ranging protections, it reassures policyholders that their health and finances are in good hands. The multiple policy customisation options are a welcome bonus feature.

The ManipalCigna website is customer-friendly and offers instant premium quotes. Should you have any queries, Health Relationship Managers will provide the guidance you need. Finally, once you’ve purchased the policy, you can start filing claims and accessing services both online and offline. Strong customer support and well-designed health insurance plans make for a happy policy experience.