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10 Reasons Why You Must Be Experiencing Fatigue read

Feb 03 2021


Do you often feel too tired for no apparent reason? Let's check the medical conditions that can cause fatigue. Fatigue is a physical and mental ailment that cause tiredness, lack of enthusiasm and a lack of will to get through the day’s activities. Prevalent diseases or the onset of new diseases can cause fatigue. Here are a few situations where fatigue can be experienced:

Cause #1 Anaemia

If you tire easily with little exertion, a possible cause could be anaemia. Many conditions, including deficiency of Iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 in diet can cause anaemia. Anaemia can be easily diagnosed with a blood test.

Cause #2 Hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormone deficiency (hypothyroidism) causes non-specific symptoms that may go unnoticed or ignored. One of the symptoms is fatigue. A blood test for the levels of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) and the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) can confirm hypothyroidism.

Cause #3 Sleep Apnea

 Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing is interrupted several times during sleep. If you are obese or snore loudly, there is a possibility that your daytime fatigue is caused by sleep apnea. Diagnosis requires evaluation by a doctor specializing in sleep medicine. Treatment involves certain lifestyle changes, weight loss, and the use of devices to keep your airways open while you sleep.

Cause #4 Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which there is excess sugar in your blood, but it cannot enter your cells where it's needed to produce energy. It's essential to get tested for diabetes, not only to fix your fatigue, but also to stop other serious complications at the earliest.

Cause #5 Heart Diseases

While fatigue is a very subjective symptom with numerous causes, recent onset of fatigue that worsens as the day progresses may indicate reduced pumping ability of your heart. Fatigue associated with heart disease may also cause a feeling of weakness or heaviness of the legs.

Cause #6 Depression

Depression is not just a psychological illness. It develops serious physical consequences, one of which is unexplained fatigue. Feeling tired all day and not wanting to get out of bed are typical signs of an underlying psychological cause. Other common physical syptoms of depression are headaches, poor appetite, muscle aches and pain. Counselling and/or medications can make you feel better.

Cause #7 Undiagnosed UTI

You may know that urinary tract infections (UTIs) cause burning during urination and a sense of urgency. But in many cases, the major symptom is fatigue. A simple urine test can quickly uncover UTIs.

Cause #8 Medication

Medications can cause fatigue too. These include blood pressure-lowering medicines, anti-depressants, and anti-histamines (anti-allergy medicines). If it is indeed the pills that are making you tired, consult your doctor who will be able to suggest better alternatives.

Cause #9 Poor Diets

Make sure to ascertain that your diet meets your daily nutritional needs. Snack on a fruit or a small handful of nuts in between meals, instead of ignoring any hunger pangs. Hunger and an imbalanced diet can make you feel week and cause fatigue.

Cause #10 Lack of Physical Activity

Moderate exercises done daily, encourages our body to utilize fuel effectively and fine-tune metabolism to make you feel energetic. Even 20 minutes of walking, three to four times a week, can boost your stamina and reduce fatigue.

Fatigue is a curable ailment. A few changes in your lifestyle and constant check-ups can be beneficial in the long run. Try to stay on top of things with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to keep fatigue at bay.



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